TRC is a dynamic workspace with a vibrant work culture and a melting pot of diverse talent across a large spectrum of technically strong & creative individuals working together to bring out the best in each other and the team. Our strong work ethic has been a hallmark of our service delivery and our client-first approach. We are always on the lookout for talented people with a robust sense of work ethic spanning across finance, audit, advisory, HR and consulting departments.


Location: Bangalore
Experience: 5-10 Years and above
Type: Full Time
Education: Qualified Chartered Accountant(CA)

Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Reviewing financial statements and conducting detailed analysis to provide valuable insights to clients and investors.
  2. Preparing Diligence reports summarizing analysis findings and providing recommendations for addressing diligence issues.
  3. Managing and coordinating tasks between the target company and the client to ensure smooth operations.
  4. Analyzing financial and commercial data to suggest adjustments to EBITDA, Net Debt, and Net Working Capital.
  5. Offering key insights to C-suite executives and Partners to enhance value and mitigate potential risks.
  6. Developing a comprehensive understanding of various sectors through industry benchmarking and assessing a company’s    sustainable earnings quality.
  7. Participating in investor meetings to address inquiries related to financial due diligence reports.
  8. Performing thorough financial due diligence on targets identified by strategic and financial investors.
  9. Executing fieldwork involving in-depth analysis of financial and operational performance, along with assessing future profitability and growth potential of target companies.
  10. Identifying trends, one-off items, and potential deal breakers to add substantial value to the due diligence project.
  11. Effectively communicating the overall findings of due diligence, its impact on business models, valuation, and transaction documents.
  12. Providing strategic input to ensure that transaction documents encompass necessary matters for a conclusive and equitable transaction outcome.
  13. Assisting the team in optimizing engagement efficiency and productivity.
  14. Supporting the preparation of persuasive marketing pitches.
  15. Independently managing complex financial modeling tasks.

Skills Required:

​​​​​​Advanced expertise in MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

  1. Ability to thrive in unstructured environments and adapt to changing circumstances.
  2. Prior experience in Valuations is preferred.
  3. Strong written and oral communication skills, including the ability to produce detailed reports.
  4. Possesses analytical skills to interpret complex financial data and draw meaningful conclusions.
  5. Proficient in developing intricate financial models from scratch.
  6. Familiarity with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint tools.
  7. Preferential consideration for candidates with a background in Big 4 CA firms or reputed Investment Banks.
  8. Hold a CA certification with a solid academic foundation and relevant experience of 3-5 years.
  9. Strong leadership skills along with the capacity to manage supervisory responsibilities.
  10. Proficiency in data analysis, financial analysis, and modeling.
  11. Skilled in conducting thorough market research (both primary and secondary).

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