Talent Management Services

"Hire character. Train skill."

-Peter Schutz

TRC’s experience in managing and acquisition of quality talent across a highly competitive and a niche segment of Finance; Audit; Taxation & related areas has honed our team in a manner that has now allowed us to expand our services to our valued clients and partners. Talent is the fuel for the engine for any organization, the absence of which can cause structural deficiencies for the organization resulting in below par performance. As an industry veteran we understand the pain areas in fulfilling gaps in the team and seek to provide the best of support in the most personalized and bespoke manner. TRC Placements and Outsourcing is a center of excellence for Executive Search, Leadership Consulting, and Talent Planning.

Manpower Outsourcing

Short-term Loan Staffing Solutions

TRC's astute talent acquisition and support team presents clients with a unique problem solving mechanism by sorting out the short term talent gaps. Our specialised TA Team specialists coupled with our deep rooted understanding of challenges in the finance accounts & tax verticals helps with a quick closure of open positions

Controllership & Accounting Loan Staffing Solutions

TRC has the capability of idenitfying the right talent from its pool of available talent for closing gaps in the accounting & controllership processess of complex businesses. We help structure teams in the Accounts Payable/Accounts Recievables/Bank Reconciliation/Vendor Reconciliation processes that augment your existing teams seamlessly

Specialized Outsourcing Services

Our quick turnaround and internal filteration process helps us in position ourselves as a favourable vendor for complex and challenging specialised projects which require establishing experienced talent to be structured in a team in short spans of time. We help troubleshoot sudden talent requirements.

Talent Acquisition

Finance Talent Roles

TRC's capability to attract the relevant and appropriate talent especially in the audit/finance/accounting space provides us with in-depth understanding of the unique challenges in any organization and hence we are able to pull out the right match from our corpus of talent sourced from the open markets as well as from our knowledge bank

Non-Finance Roles

TRC's TA team has been on a journey of evolution exploring and counquring new frontiers. We have been working on various tech-roles and have successfully closed positions in companie ranging from among the fortune 500 companies to large Indian companies for non-finance roles


We Are Here
To Help

Internal Audit does not only ensure your business is protected against potential frauds and leakages but also ensures you have robust and strong structures that help aid your growth and development.

Professional consultancy, whether from the perspective of regulatory compliances or risk mitigation objectives, always helps steer the organization towards the right direction. This ensures the business is protected against uncertainty and potential review by regulatory institutions.

We at TRC have a strong vertical with professionals who help ease the burden of sourcing acquiring and managing the Talent pool specifically in functions pertaining to Finance/Audit/Taxation & Other business verticals. Our repository of CVs helps us identify the most relevant match for your needs.

The Company Law mandates the requirement of a professional Registered Valuer to issue a report whenever any kind of ESOPs or Preference Shares are allocated /allotted. Also, whenever any type of capital is raised, a professional valuation report is demanded by the investors.

TRC has a strong team of professionals who have the experience and knowledge to manage all tax needs of any organization. We have a well-defined team to manage Direct as well as Indirect Tax matters right up to the highest level of authorities.