Business Advisory Services

Productivity and profits decide and actualise the success of every business. At TRC, our goal as a business advisory services is to help you focus on the business fundamentals that are necessary for establishing, developing, and growing a productive and profitable business.

Our business advisory consultants deliver innovative yet data-backed business solutions that help drive profits, maximize efficiencies, and ultimately increase the value of your business.

What is Business Advisory ?

Business advisory services are offered to assist undertakings in identifying strengths and addressing deficiencies in specific areas of a business. There is a range of business advisory services that are available, and every effort, be it in the form of strategy, analysis, consulting, or implementation, is made to match the right advisor to a clients' particular needs.

No matter how hard a company’s management operates to grow and expand its business, there will always be a need for outside support, especially in today’s dynamic business landscape. It is where business advisory services come into play as it offers expert support and assistance for effective planning, handles policy concerns, and enables a problem-solving mechanism to help the management learn latest business skills and gain new perspectives specific to exclusive industry spectrums.

Business Advisory Consultants: Who are they?

Business Advisory consultants are independent and experienced experts who offer hands-on, practical support, advice and backing in specific business areas to enable optimal performance for business’s success. They analyse the challenges and potential risks that businesses face and provide practical solutions to control and mitigate them.

Types of Business Advisory Services

Research Services

Our business advisory consultants offer a wide range of Research services for different functions including transactions, security purchase, and decision making. We offer primary as well as secondary searches:

  • Purpose focused study
  • Detailed questionnaire
  • Deployment of the right people
  • Supervision and consolidation of Opinions

Debt Restructuring

Our business advisory consultants enable support to Banks/Financial Institutions in case of Debt Restructuring in the borrower’s accounts. The following services are provided to Banks/Financial Institutions:

  • Forensic Audit / SIA under the CDR mechanism.
  • Concurrent Monitoring of the Restructured accounts.
  • Valuation of assets and business of borrower accounts.
  • Techno-economic viability studies

Continuous specialization in everything around us has been a critical factor in the present state of our society. And business's inherent desire for specialization is also one of the main reasons why business advisory services exist. Both society and companies are unable to realise everything on their own and thus require business advisory services to advise and guide them.

Technological advancements have substantially altered the direction of the need for specialization. Now, this points to the fact that technology is to improve the way we currently use business advisory services radically. Some also believe that technology will gradually overtake such business advisory service providers as technology enables the exchange information more effectively, which is the essence of most business advisory services.

How TRC Works As A Business Advisory ?

At TRC Corporate Consulting, we aim to offer a fresh perspective and provide innovative solutions. We practice the following:

  • We plan to become a vital member of the planning department.
  • We take charge to complete tasks or duties where resources are limited.
  • We offer deep-domain knowledge and understanding to enable effective use of means and resources.
  • We facilitate assessment for various functions based on our learnings from previous projects.
  • We allocate our resources to identify and implement suitable control and action plans for mitigating risks.

Connecting Enterprises with Business Advisory Services

At TRC Corporate Consulting, we are preparing for the future, and we make the business advisory services world more transparent, as we share all our professionals' specialization, our work and our client's feedback with you. Using our business advisory services, you can fulfil your business requirements for sectors such as accounting, consulting, legal, tax, financial planning and more effectively.

TRC Corporate Consulting is an effective and strategic business advisory firm to resolve any growth-related problems that you might be facing as a business. We put our clients first and promote a high level of reliability, transparency, and active communication. Our business advisory services offer expertise in functions such as accounting, consulting, legal, tax, financial planning and more.

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