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TRC Corporate Consulting Pvt. Ltd.


TRC Consulting provides Audit, Consulting, Tax, IBC Advisory and HR Services to globally  admired brands. We take pride to be part of an extensive professional services network, serving our clients in areas that are indispensable to their business success.

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TRC Corporate Consulting aims to be Asia’s leading professional services firm. Our organizational goal is to present maximum value to our patrons. We believe trust is the foundation of every relationship and we demonstrate sincerity, integrity and enthusiasm in all our work. We are dedicated to continually enhance our service quality so we deliver results and solutions beyond our client’s expectations. We believe in partnering with our patrons to help them achieve optimal business performance and sustainable growth.


We believe in and have fostered a ‘People First’ philosophy since the inception of TRC Corporate Consulting. Along with practising the highest standards of ethics and integrity, every engagement with us resonates trust, confidence and confidentiality.



Persistent. Perfect. Patient. Powerful. Prioritized. Our Passion Keeps Us Sane.

We work with highly-skilled individuals and help inculcate notions of integrity, discipline, excellence and client service. Our resources are adaptable to new challenges. They represent a natural inclination towards collaboration. We bring in fresh perspective and offer remarkably relevant insights to deliver innovative solutions and boost our client’s business . We help our clients identify issues, develop value-added solutions, and then expertly assist in the implementation process deliver those solutions through the last mile of execution –in a timely, effective, thorough, seamless and cost-effective manner.

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