Asset Management Services

Asset management services includes Fixed asset verification, Inventory Audits, Warehouse audits, Dealership audits, Store audits, Asset Tagging, Inventory tagging, Geo technology, RFID technology and Asset management systems for automated verification, reconciliation, GAP reporting and Geo Tagging.

Fixed Asset Verification

  • Wall to wall & Blind Physical verification of fixed assets.
  • Creating a comprehensive database of assets with a detailed description, Make, Model, Serial Number and Tag Number
  • Custodian mapping
  • Ensuring statutory compliance as per CARO 2016
  • Recommendation for asset disposal and impairment
  • 100% Physical verification via PAN India and Global presence
  • Experienced team who have worked for more than 100 Fixed Asset Management projects.
  • GAP Reporting FAR Reconstruction Invoice Mapping

Inventory Audit

  • Wall to wall & Blind physical verification of Inventory.
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • GAP Reporting Ageing Analysis
  • Checklist based audits to ensure various compliances
  • Recommendation on inventory & warehouse management process
  • Identification of slow moving inventory.
  • Disgorgement Audits
  • Record to Record Reconciliation

Asset Tagging

  • Barcode Tags
  • QR Code Tags
  • Geo Tags
  • Metallic Tags
  • RFID Tags
  • Cermanic Tags
  • Handheld Tags
  • Cylinder Tags
  • Animal Tags

Asset Management

  • Asset Management System
  • Asset Verification Module
  • Automated Asset Reconciliation Module
  • Relatime GAP Reporting Module
  • Geo Tagging Module
  • Integration of AMS with Google maps to identify exact location of an asset
  • Mobile Application
  • Web Application
  • API Development
  • System Integration

Fixed Asset Verification

Fixed asset management is a secretarial process that seeks to track fixed assets for valuation, financial accounting, precautionary maintenance, and theft prevention.

Organizations face significant challenges to track the location, quantity, condition, maintenance, depreciation status and valuation of tangible assets. A common approach to monitoring these fixed assets is to use serial numbered asset tags, which are essentially labelled with a tag for easy and accurate reading. The proprietor of the assets can then take up inventory with a reader/AMS Application and generate GAP report highlighting below information:

Assets Reconciled

Asset Shortage

Asset Excesses

Off-the-shelf software suites for fixed asset management are advertised to businesses - both small and large. Some organizational resource planning systems are available with specific fixed assets modules.

Some tracking techniques automate the process, such as using fixed scanners to read bar codes or by affixing a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag or label on an asset.


Categorization Of Fixed Assets Register


Physical Verification Of Fixed Assets


Tagging Of Fixed Asset (New Assets And Existing Assets)


Reconciliation Of Fixed Assets (FAR V/S PV)


Construction Of Fixed Asset Register


Maintain Existing Fixed Assets Register


Physical Verification Of Stock/Inventory


SOP For Fixed Asset Verification

The Role Of TRC Corporate Consulting In Fixed Asset Management Services

At TRC Corporate Consulting, we have proven knowledge and experience in administering large-scale and multifaceted projects within agreed timelines. Our fixed asset management team delivers solutions for a wide range of purposes including asset verification, physical verification reconciliation, designing of SOP etc. Our priority is to always ensure that you get accurate results within specified deadlines. We are renowned for establishing the best practices for fixed asset management services. For any queries or understanding, contact our team!

Asset Tagging

Bar Code Tags

QR Code Tags

Geo Tag

Metallic Tags



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