Valuation Advisory Services

The evolving business environment requires professional advice on fair value rather than the historical value as provided by the financial statements. The Regulatory and the management needs for Fair Valuation for different purposes has multiplied over the years. With the introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the requirements of Fair Value and related concepts are due to take a big leap.

Be it complex business valuations, investment valuations, deals or strategic financial decisions, our resources with multi-skilled capabilities of financial accountants and technical specialists supported by industry experts assist clients in obtaining fair valuation results for varied purposes across industries.


What are Valuation Advisory Services ?

Valuation advisory services are provided to deliver objective valuations for financial reporting, tax, investment, Shares/Debentures, Business/Undertaking, Brand, Technology, IPRs, Costumer Relationships, Goodwill, Intangibles, ESOP, and various other purposes.

Who are Valuation Advisors?

Valuation Advisors are independent professionals with the knowledge and resources to provide a credible company valuation for a business enterprise or its underlying assets that are backed with extensive industry knowledge to analyse how market trends may impact value and offer expertise on the applicable legal, tax, or regulatory environment.

What Should You Expect from Our Business Valuation Services ?

In the last few decades, the business valuation needs have evolved and shifted drastically, and so has the essence of partnerships between clients and business valuation services.

At TRC, we offer you our services that based on:

Innovation and expertise directed at productivity and profitability rather than scale efficiency

Relationships of risk/reward representing delivered interest rather than the time invested

More profound external experience which complements in-house skills and speeds up learning

An experienced and successful track record of different projects

Types of Valuation Advisory Services

Business Modelling

TRC can assist you in creating complex business plans using the most advanced modeling tools for different purposes, apart from business valuations, investment valuations, and balance sheet valuations.

  • Management Business Plans
  • Financial Forecast & Credit Monitoring Arrangement Data For Submission To Banks/Financial Institutions
  • For Transactions, Strategic Alliances, And Joint Ventures
  • For Assisting In Financial Bidding Process
  • Price-Fixation And Costing

Corporate Restructuring Valuation

TRC assist clients in changing the operational model of a business which involves making dramatic changes to a business by cutting out or merging departments.

  • Mergers/Demergers/Amalgamations
  • Share Buy Backs/Capital Reduction
  • Leveraged Buy-Outs (Lbo)
  • Management Buy-Outs And Divestitures

Transaction Valuation

Whatever be the transaction objective, it is critical to have clear understanding of value in specific context of such transaction.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Strategic Alliances & Joint Ventures
  • Investment Valuation
  • Firm Valuation

Disputes & Litigation

We provide objective advice backed by comprehensive research and analysis encompassing market, industry, financial and accounting perspective which helps our clients to make right decisions.

  • Expert Evidence In Arbitrations
  • Promoters Disputes And Allied Restructurings
  • Litigation Support

Accounting Valuations

Our company valuationservices employ valuing a company’s assets and liabilities in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

  • Fairness opinion
  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Impairment Testing
  • ESOP/SWEAT Equity Valuations

Regulatory Compliance

We provide independent expert opinions on fair market value of businesses and separate assets, including investment valuations and balance sheet valuation, as required in compliance with various commercial and tax laws.

  • Compliance with the FEMA Laws for inbound & out bound investments and securities transfers.
  • Compliances with Tax laws (Income Tax and Wealth Tax)
  • Companies Act 2013 - Registered Valuer

We Are Here
To Help

Internal Audit does not only ensure your business is protected against potential frauds and leakages but also ensures you have robust and strong structures that help aid your growth and development.

Professional consultancy, whether from the perspective of regulatory compliances or risk mitigation objectives, always helps steer the organization towards the right direction. This ensures the business is protected against uncertainty and potential review by regulatory institutions.

We at TRC have a strong vertical with professionals who help ease the burden of sourcing acquiring and managing the Talent pool specifically in functions pertaining to Finance/Audit/Taxation & Other business verticals. Our repository of CVs helps us identify the most relevant match for your needs.

The Company Law mandates the requirement of a professional Registered Valuer to issue a report whenever any kind of ESOPs or Preference Shares are allocated /allotted. Also, whenever any type of capital is raised, a professional valuation report is demanded by the investors.

TRC has a strong team of professionals who have the experience and knowledge to manage all tax needs of any organization. We have a well-defined team to manage Direct as well as Indirect Tax matters right up to the highest level of authorities.