What are Company Secretarial Services?



The question of what is company secretarial services or what is corporate secretarial services is sure to arise in anyone's mind who does come across this term. To put it simply, company secretarial services are not related to the conventional work of a secretary, contradictory to what the name suggests. It actually refers to the level of administrative function within a business that makes sure that good corporate governance, efficient administration, and compliance with law and regulations that govern business and industry are established.

Company secretarial services are essential for an organization and its business functions. Your company must adhere to the Companies Act 2006, align with the law and legislation that governs the business, and stringently maintain records, such as the holding of meetings, the conduct of board members, any type of exchange of words with shareholders, or any involvement with government authorities.

Now that you know what corporate secretarial services you must be wondering why outsourcing company law and secretarial services are essential for your business?

When organizations grow and expand to different parts of the country, compliance with the laws and regulations becomes more complex. They need sufficient expertise and resources to remain compliant with the regulations. Outsourced company law and secretarial services help conquer these challenges faced by the organizations:

No Accurate Knowledge

In India, companies have to manage with more than a hundred acts, licenses, and registrations. All organizations have to adhere to the standards bestowed by the central government and the local government mechanisms. Following such a web of compliance needs expertise and good knowledge of the procedures. Corporate secretarial services ensure that things do not go out of order.

Many companies also end up defying the compliance rules on some aspects due to a lack of in-house compliance professionals. Thus, it would be good to opt for company law and secretarial services as they have the expertise to maneuver or successfully negotiate through the different responsibilities. 

Lack of Resources

Companies usually have only two or three people forming the compliance team. This number diminishes further with the size of the firm. Sometimes, the company secretary is also dealing with the role of compliance management. Doing so diverts their attention from their core task of managing company law resulting in incompetence.

Management Unawareness

In many companies, the administration is not informed of the different compliances associated with the industry. Such a situation leads to misconduct without the proper guidelines and no proper guidance to the workforce. Secretarial firms' services help avoid these situations.

Corporate secretarial services do not let the overall efficiency and productivity of the organization get affected.

Legal Updates

Most corporationscompanies /corporates face this compliance-related challenge just because they can't keep updated with all the laws and regulations. The laws in our country change frequently and rapidly. It results in numerous alterations in interest computation, duty structures, dates, fines, and many such facets. Companies should opt for legal and secretarial services since it is not easy to keep a tab on all of these modifications with an in-house team.

The legal and secretarial services help the company be informed of the legal updates or any compliance obligations variations.

Outsourced corporate secretarial services help organizations conquer these challenges with the following services:

  • The Evaluation of the Current Compliance Status

  • Corporate secretarial services opt for legal health check-ups under this service. It includes:

  • Corporate Status check

  • Statutory assessment

  • Evaluation of company and registry records

  • Corrective work to regularize irregularities

  • Preparatory compliance check

  • Setting-up, supervising, and updating of corporate calendar

  • Corporate Compliance Maintenance

  • Advisory services on Corporate laws

  • Holding & convening shareholder meetings

  • Matters related to the appointment of directors

  • Secretarial compliances for different corporate actions

  • Statutory records and Filings with the registrar of compliances

  • Updating clients about the changes in regulatory framework

Reasons To Outsource Your Corporate Secretarial Functions:

Hiring a firm to execute company secretarial duties on your behalf can offer substantial benefits to your business; thus, here are reasons to go for them: 

  1. They will Efficiently Oversee Your Duties and Responsibilities

Corporate secretarial services ensure they manage a noteworthy amount of management functions, such as certifying all the essential documentation, noting down adjustments in the company, and keeping an account book of stocks and transfers. By outsourcing these responsibilities to a professional, you can guarantee that you are not only following sound business procedures but are fulfilling your legal obligations.

  1. They are Qualified Professionals

You will profit from the knowledge and experience of the company and its consultants. They will know all the ins and outs of the procedures but will also provide a tailor-made service for your firm.

  1. Carry Out Duties in a  Stated Time Without Difficulty

Time is one of the most valuable resources in the business world, and targets can't be altered. With a professional company to provide you with corporate secretarial services behind you loaded with the most advanced and time-saving methods available in order to complete their tasks, you will never be waiting around for something to be done.

  1. Avoid Training Costs.

By outsourcing your corporate secretarial services, you won't require to spend money or time training a recruit to become a secretary, as your outsourced expert will already have all the knowledge necessary to carry out the designated tasks.

  1. Take Help from the Latest Technology

Corporate secretarial services providing firms have the most up-to-date technology accessible to them to use for your organization. You can benefit from this technology without spending money installing and sustaining these systems.

  1. Eradicate Risk

Ensuring you comply with all the legal requirements is essential to avoid fines or even illegal actions. By outsourcing your company secretarial services to a professional company, you can rest assured that they will carry out their duties effectively and precisely., so you don't have to worry that you're doing anything wrong, reducing the risk of financial fines.

Finding the Ideal Company Secretarial Services

At TRC Corporate Consulting, our company secretarial services provide a wide range of services, with payroll and accounting services. You can read about our company secretary services, partner with us, and rely on our expertise to help with professional insights. We also offer unbiased feedback on business operation improvement techniques.

We go the extra mile by providing custom-made solutions to make certain that your requirements are met on time. 


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