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Which cities are attracting top talent in India and why?

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India is home to the youngest and most dynamic work force. Urge for a successful career, often necessitates movement from the home town or the city in which one is pursuing a job to another city in search of better job opportunities.

Indian Cities appealing to top talent:

According to LinkedIn’s “India Workforce report” for the second half of 2018, Delhi National Capital Region (Consisting of Delhi, Gurugram and Noida) emerged to be the most appealing destination for job seekers. NCR was followed by Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai in the race for qualifying as the most preferred cities for job hunters. An interesting fact is that Hyderabad made it to the third spot pushing Mumbai to the fourth place in terms of cities which are most attractive for top talent.

Delhi NCR, Bengaluru and Hyderabad account for 17.20%, 14.84% and 8.44% of the total talent migration respectively. (Source: Economic graph published by LinkedIn). Approximately 50% of the professionals who switched cities for new or better job opportunities moved to either of these five cities.

Cities like Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Vadodara and Jaipur are a few others which have been able to hold back or attract people because of good job opportunities.

Diversity in terms of presence of Industries:

Finance, wellness and healthcare, legal, entertainment and real estate were observed as the fastest growing industries in the second half of 2018. These industries have a deep footprint in the top ranked cities in this context.

Software professionals are the most sought after across industries. There has been a huge demand of software engineers in all industries. Not only in IT firms, mobile and web application companies, pharmaceutical giants and wellness and fitness industries have hired engineers in huge numbers.

Besides, profiles like professors which linked to education centre, research assistants and business developers were also in great demand. These specialists found best jobs in companies linked to media, consumer goods, healthcare, logistics, media, recreation and travel. Jobs in fields of manufacturing, finance and Corporate services have also opened up plenty of employment options. Healthcare in particular emerged as an industry observing up growth in all the five cities.

Presence of multiple industries indicates presence of a large number of companies which in turn results in a number of job opportunities. This not only results in a large number of new jobs but also opens up options for switching over with a lot more ease. The feasibility of changing jobs frequently to avail better opportunities without changing the residing city acts as a big factor in attracting talented people to select and settle in these cities.

City wise job profiling:

National capital New Delhi and commercial capital Mumbai further observed huge job opportunities in terms of jobs specialising in management skills.

Bengaluru observed a huge focus on programming and technical skills. Data confirms the gaining importance of the profile of a data analyst in legal and healthcare industries. System engineers, software engineers and business analysts constitute the maximum number of job winners during the second half of 2018. India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru topped the list of attracting talent in terms of tech jobs. Study conducted proves that 45% of the new residents in Bengaluru, have tech related jobs.

Other factors:

Decisions made by professionals to switch cities are primarily with a view to pursue better career opportunities and earn better salary packages. Few other considerations like quality of life, climate, cost of living or affordability, value of real estate, crime statistics, education system and proximity to friends and family are generally evaluated. The cities rated as being most attractive to top talent have maintained a certain standard when it comes to these additional considerations.

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