01 Jan 2019 Shaquib Wasif

What can you do to make yourself more relevant and attractive to job candidates?

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Every organisation wants to hire the best quality candidates available in the job market. However, the secret to attract high quality candidates is to differentiate oneself from other industrial peers and show potential job seekers how being associated with your brand can create a successful career path for them.

Building employer brand:

Goodwill is always an asset. If an employer can show case an attractive history and highlight its growth story, the best of candidates would surely crave to be associated with its valued brand. Employer brand and goodwill always play an important role in acquiring talent. Potential job seekers will be attracted if they can foresee sufficient growth opportunities for themselves.

Using existing employees as ambassadors:

An Organisation’s employees across all grades can help in attracting the best talent available. If the existing work force expresses satisfaction with regard to work conditions in any organisation, it acts as positive publicity. Existing employees can thus act as brand ambassadors.

Social media savvy:

Organisations now have an advantage to increase their visibility with the help of social media. Job seekers generally search up the net for employer information, read up blogs by existing employees and carry out their research before applying for jobs or accepting interview offers. Positive feedback or write ups by existing manpower, an insight into employee related events improve on the Company’s image and automatically attract talent.

Talent acquisition strategies:

It is an excellent practice to seek feedback from existing employees and understand what attracted them to get into the Organisation. Keep revising talent acquisition strategies to keep looking attractive to aspiring talent.

Keep re-visiting the hiring process to ensure it is rightly designed. Lapses such as negative candidate experience, long waiting time, lack of transparency may make candidates lose interest in the company.

Also ensure all avenues of talent acquisition are ventured into. Recruitment agencies, campus recruitments, walk in rounds, employee references, job fairs and seminars are all participated in. Attempt should be made to not miss any valuable candidate.

Transparent career and growth paths:

Besides showcasing what the organisation expects from its employees, job seekers look for their expectations that would be taken care of by the Organisation. Relevant videos, personal communications from senior leaders and robust career blogs are ways of making people aware what the company has in stock for its performing people.

The Company should also be transparent in rolling out job offers. The exact position, location, job role and designation should be mentioned while calling in candidatures. This would enable the relevant section of job seekers from applying for jobs.

Competitive and well-designed pay structures:

Though there are a number of factors which influence a job seeker’s choice of employer, first thing is always first. The monetary aspect including the pay structure and perquisites offered at work place are the most important considerations. A number of perks like buffet lunch in office, conveyance facilities, family holidays, bonus and allowances, insurance facilities act as positives in attracting job candidates.

Being unique and flexible:

In changing times, there are a number of factors other than pay package and traditional office environment which are important engaging considerations. Work pressure, work life balance, work from home options, leave structure, open office environment, flexible work hours, options to move to preferred locations, activities for rejuvenation, team outings, sports facilities besides salary are a few factors which make employers appealing to job seekers.

Understanding the type and quality of its prospective workforce:

While an employee is interviewed for a particular role, the organisation must understand the correct work profile, the exact position in the work life cycle considering age and qualification, past performance records and expertise or specialised skill if any. The candidate should be communicated the profile for which he is being interviewed and the exact position that would be offered to him if he manages to win the offer.

Culture of putting one’s people first:

When an Organisation builds up a culture of respect and care for its employees, the employees further spread that to each other, customers and the community at large. In a company which thrives of respect and trust, the environment is far healthier and attractive to others who get to know about the boon.

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