01 Jan 2019 Shaquib Wasif

Walk-ins vs campus hiring: which works better when hiring freshers?

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Let’s consider this scenario. XYZ is a reputed MNC who wish to hire 50 engineers with an MBA degree. The hiring team is not sure how to tap the best talent and so they want to interview as many candidates as possible. They arranged a recruitment drive for a week at their premise through walk-ins. Even after specifying the criteria in their job ad, they were able to interview only a handful of candidates who met the criteria. As a result, their hiring goals were not met.

On the other hand, ABC a competitor of XYZ who has similar recruitment criteria goes for campus hiring to some of the top B schools in the country. Since their criteria are pre-determined, the recruitment coordinator at the campus does the preliminary screening and arranges the interview of only those candidates who meet the criteria. It is obvious, the hiring goals are met for ABC company.

While each recruitment model has its own pros and cons and while it may be successful for one it might not work out for another company. The recruitment team needs to speculate the hiring needs and accordingly choose a model that works best for them.

Many companies hire freshers as a part of their recruitment drive. Hiring freshers has many benefits – they tend to stay for long to build on their experience, they are high on energy and most can be trained easily making them productive early. And of course, they are hired at a huge pay differential. Whatever may be the reason, hiring freshers is a common practice.

The best way to hire a fresh graduate or an engineer is either through campus hiring or through arranging walk-ins. In this blog, we will look into each model and discuss a bit about the pros and cons of each to help you gauge better which mode works better for your hiring needs.

what is a walk-in interview?

Walks-ins, as the name goes, allows a company to schedule an interview at their premises or at a common premise like a job fair where a candidate can just walk in at a specified time and date. The biggest benefit is, it allows a company to hire a large number of candidates without any prior appointment. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of it.

Benefits of walk-ins

1.    It’s easy on the pocket. You get to interview a lot of candidates without spending too much. You can advertise with a single advertisement in a local newspaper or a job board to invite candidates for the purpose.

2.    The process is efficient since you are in your own environment; you can assess and offer the job letter on the same day. All your team from recruiter to hiring panel, everybody is around. It saves time for both the candidate and the hiring manager. The hiring is instant.

Disadvantages of walk-ins

1.    It could be tedious for the recruiters as you are handling a large number of crowds

2.   As you’re not aware of the actual number of turn-ups, you need to be ready to face anything – no turn-ups or a large number of turn ups

What about Campus Hiring?

Campus hiring or on-campus recruitment is a very common and popular hiring practice among organizations. Every year organizations reach out to some of the best colleges in the country to hire some of the brightest and talented college grads. According to Harvard Business Review, “72% of millennials hear about companies from their friends, 68% via the job board, and 45% on campus.”

Advantages of Campus hiring

1.  Be privy to the type of talent, no surprises, clear shortlisting criteria and assured quality of interview

2.  Access to the best talent of the country for different fields in one go.

3.  Companies also get an opportunity to connect with the next batch of students who could be future potential employees

Disadvantage of campus hiring

Companies incur different extra costs like travelling to the venue, accommodation

Each recruitment model has its own pros and cons. Depending on the need and priorities, the company can opt for a recruitment model which suits them the best

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