24 Feb 2021 Ankit Chadha

Top 5 HR Consultants' Trends to Watch in 2021

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With the advent of COVID 19, the organizational landscape and the work culture have changed to a great extent. Remote working and virtually understanding the work culture  has been a challenge for most of the employees, including existing and new ones.

To deal with this, HR consulting firms, having a team of expert HR Consultant, who analyze the recent trends and devise strategies to make remote working successful, as this trend is here to stay for the long term. But, what is HR consulting?

HR consulting is the practice of providing all facets of human resource management as an external agency, as well as technical and business concerns related to the execution of such practices—including employee growth, contracts and client management. The demand for HR consulting services is not limited to large organizations. Even small businesses need these for their workforce.


The intersection of human resources technology and employee experience is essential to incorporate advanced solutions while maintaining the personal touch, as a human can understand another human in a much better way than a machine.

It is essential to maintain your workforce efficiently and effectively, to strike a balance between employee satisfaction and the growth of your organization. Find below the top 5 HR Consultants’ emerging trends:

  1. Increased Importance of Efficient HR Within Organizations

Due to the ongoing pandemic, a situation which most of us have faced maybe for the first time, it is challenging to manage everything virtually. Especially, HR's role, which requires a personal touch for carrying out functions efficiently, it is difficult for them to manage everything virtually.

From hiring new employees to carrying out their life cycle and making them feel a significant part of the organization, HR needs to perform these tasks remotely and efficiently.

With managing other routine tasks, it is difficult for them to research and devise new strategies to have a content workforce striving to achieve organizational goals. This is where HR consultant comes into play.

They apply their expertise to devise new strategies for efficient digital communications and other tasks, while keeping up with the changing economic conditions. Thus, is advised to avail HR consulting services.

  1. More Emphasis on Employees Mental Health 

During the pandemic, it can be observed from the available data that the mental health of a considerable population has been affected due to several reasons, like, anxiety, loneliness, effected social life, job insecurity, etc.

The employees have been going through a continuous mental health struggle because of the fear of lay-offs, meeting expectations of achieving higher targets, etc. It is vital to keep them informed about the ongoings in the organization and their job security.

An HR consultant has a crucial role to play to cope up with such situations, by being available, showing empathy and providing long term support to the employees.

HR consulting firms, like TRC Corporate Consulting, have been working tirelessly to help organizations with mental health resources to develop long term strategy. It has become imperative to avail human resources consulting services from one of the top HR consulting firms to keep the employees motivated while maintaining their mental health, ultimately increasing their productivity.

        3. Reliance on Data-Driven Insights: HR Technology Trends

HR decisions should be based on factual data to work out better results and increase the efficiency of employees. Documents like employees surveys have become a powerful tool to hold the pulse of an organization. With other key tasks lined up, it is difficult for the HR department to manage their time and perform everything efficiently without an HR consultant.

Whereas, if an organization leverages HR consulting services from one of the top HR consulting firms, they can be worry-free about such tasks. The human resources consulting firms like TRC have an expert force of HR consultant, who can study and analyse the data to give insights for the betterment of the workforce.

        4. Overcoming Challenges of a More Fluid Workforce 

With the influx of contractual workers like freelancers, it is seen as a lucrative option for the organizations to save on the cost, as there are other expenses which need to be incurred for permanent employees.

Therefore, the HR department needs to work out the performance benchmark and benefits for the contractual employees also. As the human resources consulting firms have hands-on experience of working out these metrics for various clients, they provide practical solutions for tracking the performance of these employees and the benefits that need to be provided to keep them motivated.

        5. New Definition of Employee Experience 

In the digitally-driven economy, the traditional methods of interacting with the employees like manually filling forms for onboarding them, performance review, feedback delivery are not used much. While adjusting to the new normal of working remotely, it is preferable to increase employees' engagement digitally.

Though an element of ‘personal touch’ should never be wiped out completely, as it has a significant role in maintaining good relations and effective communication.

Studying the role of such engagements tools and company surveys is the primary task that should be leveraged from HR consulting firms, where expert HR consultants give you access to a wide pool of skilled professionals. This will prove to be a driving force of organization's success.

Why Choose TRC Consulting For Human Resources Consulting? 

With the changing environment and working styles of the organizations, it is important to catch up with the pace. Amongst all other key tasks, maintaining a motivated and efficient workforce should be prioritized to increase their productivity.

At TRC Corporate consulting, we understand the importance of a structured and content workforce for organizational goals. We have a team of expert HR consultants, who are putting in the best of their efforts and working tirelessly to understand the trends, the employees' response, and what needs to be done to make remote working a huge success.

Our HR consultants understand the changing psychology, mental health, etc., of the employees working across various industries and devise strategies accordingly.

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