01 Jan 2019 Shaquib Wasif

Three Indian chatbots that are transforming the HR industry

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HR Chatbot is one which has the capability of interacting with employees and assisting them with routine queries and tasks. They are programmed to conduct repetitive and logical functions like answering queries on HR policies, personal details on salary, leave, perks and such other details which are present in the HR data base. HR Chatbot’s intelligence and the use cases it addresses depends on the domain and the technological competency of its creators.

A few Chatbots bringing about a transformation in the Indian HR industry have been discussed here.


Engazify is a bot designed and programmed for employee recognition. This works in slack messenger and is competent of tracking all conversations that happen on slack. This bot allows an employee to tag and send emojis to convey emotions at the work place. Engazify closely monitors all activity by team  members, be it by emojis or words of praise. It maintains a tracker of which team member has been appreciated how many times and helps in building a leader board basis these statistics. The weekly summary presented by Engazify reflects weekly growth in happiness score amongst employees.


  • Motivates employees. Motivated team members work much harder and prove more efficient and productive. It also boosts employee retention.
  • Enriches team culture. In an environment when people appreciate each other and celebrate each other’s wins, the work culture is far healthier.
  • With real time appreciation and feedback to team members, there is a big-time improvement in employee engagement and productivity.


Jinie is India’s first chatbot. It aims at shifting HR from a transactional to conversational interface to make it more impactful and engaging. Jinie is capable of solving any HR related query put up by an employee. In fact it behaves like an employee’s work life assistant. Employee transactions like applying for leave, completing employee data or managing any kind of employee transactions, are all facilitated by Jinie.

Using WhatsApp and Facebook messenger at the workplace raise issues related to data security because it is very difficult for Organisations and HR to control data in public applications. Jinie offers a practical solution to these issues through its encryption capabilities. Jinie dwells in Alt messenger which is a secure, smart and simple platform for conducting contextual conversations within teams or natural groups. Through these groups, Jinie enables live conversations amongst internal organisational groups and also keeps the security, safety and sanctity of organisational and employee data intact.


Amber may be defined as an artificial intelligence robot which assists in employee engagement and attrition prediction. It is completely automated and tracks an employee’s feedback and response right from date of joining to exit. It seeks feedback from employees at every stage of their life cycle in the Organisation and crunches reports accordingly. This feedback monitoring helps HR and senior management in pro-actively judging who is at risk of quitting and who need attention thereby enabling prompt action.

In larger Organisations or in Organisations where presence is geographically diversified, HR may not be in constant touch with each of its employees. Amber is a useful tool which constantly seeks feedback, maintains confidentiality of employee responses and flags off action areas. It helps HR to be better connected and take faster actions.


  • This bot leverages the strength of artificial intelligence in HR for improvement of employee engagement and experience.
  • Diagnosis of cultural issues in an Organisation through automation of a “continuous culture evaluation”.
  • It has introduced predictive analytics in to the people domain for reduction of attrition in top talent.

HR industry is transforming swiftly since the integration of chatbots. These bots not only facilitate proper handling and addressing of HR related queries but also help organisations know the pulse of the floor.

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