21 Jul 2020 Ankit Chadha

The TRC Alternative To Corporate Debt Restructuring

If you’re tackling financial challenges, whether they concern cash-flow shortage, declining sales, or unwarranted debt – TRC Corporate Consulting can help. At TRC, we deliver restructuring solutions to help you construct a program for the speedy recovery and sustainable success of your business. Our restructuring services include recovery advisory, financial restructuring, corporate debt restructuring, operational and business restructuring. 

Creating Value for Companies During Distressful Times 

In today’s swiftly evolving business landscape, organization’s and management teams often go through phases of drifting and rebuttal. Irrespective of the root of the problem, stakeholders expect organizations to implement the necessary measures to avert or overcome the problem promptly. 

If a patron’s business is underachieving or failing, we can help by bringing our expertise to formulate immediate action plans. If there is a liquidity crisis threatening your business, a comprehensive operational and financial analysis is the key to cost efficiency and timely deliverance of results.  

TRC’s corporate debt restructuring experts have extensive knowledge and pragmatic experience, which they utilize to collaborate with clients to formulate recovery plans for underlined and distressing activities of a business. We methodically focus on crucial strategies, operations, infrastructure, and financial risk areas. Our cross-functional team promptly analyses the problem, recognizes immediate control actions needed and offers commercial, financial, operational and performance enhancement guidance. It all helps in addressing the company’s critical financial or economic concerns and requirements. 

TRC’s Functions For Corporate Debt Restructuring 

At TRC, we have deep expertise in corporate debt restructuring advisory and insolvency services. It includes acting on behalf of stakeholders, making proposals to creditors, checking feasibility, and making sustainability assessments. TRC’s corporate debt restructuring experts enable the following: 

  • Quick And Swift Evaluations 

  • Cost Structure Assessment 

  • Refinancing  

  • Debt Structuring 

  • Liquidity Management 

  • Working Capital Management 

  • Asset Dispositions 

  • Creditor Investigations 

  • Cash Management  

  • Interim Crisis Management  

  • CRO Assignments 

How TRC’s Restructuring Services Work? 

TRC Corporate Consulting’s restructuring services bring innovative solutions to organizations at an intersection between growth prospects and challenges that may harshly affect them – either external factors such as a change in market structure and regulations or internal factors such as inapt balance sheet structure and alteration of ownership. All these factors put the organizations and their stakeholders under pressure. 

Our restructuring teams, including the corporate debt restructuring teams, speedily identify the root triggers, risk, and strategic prospects. We support and assist the boards in selecting the right measures that enable substantial value creation and help achieve stability in operational and financial functions. In close cooperation and collaboration with the client, our execution teams work across various service lines to ensure that the organization’s transformation towards sustainable and profitable growth gets accomplished rapidly. 

Here are some of TRC’s corporate debt restructuring services and what they entail: 

  1. Financial Performance & Independent Business Assessment 

We perform reviews concerning the organization’s financial performance to analyze and achieve a complete understanding of the core issues that are resulting in underperformance.  We provide stakeholders with sound and unbiased inputs which, when implemented, support the organization to move forward successfully. We also offer guidance and support to our clients on how they can implement strategies to increase the organization’s cash flow and profitability. 

  1. Cash Management 

We help clients enhance cash visibility and instil a cash conservation philosophy within the organization. Our professionals detect, analyze, and implement prompt strategies to support the client in obtaining immediate cash funds and creating fresh impetus.  

  1. Strategy Reviews 

At the request of an organization or its stakeholders, we conduct deep-rooted reviews of the organization’s operational, strategic, and financial performance, including emerging prospects and profit potential.  

Our corporate debt restructuring experts swiftly help organizations identify the causes of underperformance and underachievement to formulate appropriate control, and action plans. Based on our recommendations, suitable actions, resources, and execution plans are determined in close collaboration with the organization and its stakeholders. 

  1. Finance and Debt Advisory 

We support project sponsors and corporate clients with augmenting optimization techniques for their organization’s financial structure. We also help raise, negotiate, or restructure banking or investment markets to enable better debt financing. Whether the client is in a distraught situation or wants to optimize the financial strategy of the organization, we deliver end-to-end assistance from establishing debt capacity assessment to making financial closure plans.  

We provide added value to our clients by presenting them with independent and unbiased advice intended solely for corporate debt restructuring. Additionally, our corporate debt restructuring team also helps the clients implement the most innovative and viable financing solutions that suit the requirements of the organization. 

How TRC Helps with Corporate Restructuring? 

At TRC Corporate Consulting, our corporate debt restructuring services deals with positioning the corporate sector operations to facilitate achievement of pre-arranged objectives and targets.  

Our goals comprise the following, but are not limited to it:  

  • Coordinate redirection of the organization’s activities 

  • Positioning extra cash flow from one business to allow profitable financial progress in another 

  • Risk reduction to restrict abuse of inter-dependence with existing and forthcoming businesses 

  • Expanding the company’s core capabilities  

Our primary scope of corporate restructuring entails:  

  • Enhancing economy (cost reductions) 

  • Improving efficiency (profitability rate) 

  • Erosion of Market Share 

  • Curtail Dependent Debts 

We, at TRC Corporate Consulting, provide market-leading advisory and support services that are focused on strengthening recoveries, boosting financial performance, and undertaking the core structural and financing issues of an organization.  

With the extensive expertise that our corporate debt restructuring experts have gained from working with clients across industries, you can upgrade the performance of your organization. For any query or further understanding about any of our services, contact our team! 

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