24 Dec 2020 Ankit Chadha

Role Of Manpower Services In The Post COVID-19 Landscape

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Most organizations have started to focus on preparing scenarios and to take the required organizational responses to ensure business continuity post-COVID-19. Organizations need to focus on building Coronavirus Pandemic Communication, Trust & Transparency to restore productivity and deliver improved employee experience.

Organizations need to make several improvements to their organizational plans and to the way they work post-COVID-19. They need more diligent staff than ever before to get through this tough time. Employees can have to deal with feelings of uncertainty, loneliness, lack of experience, and more.

As a result, the role of agents of change that manpower services have played has become crucial in this scenario. With social distances being introduced and implemented, it is difficult to have conventional procedures, methods, and responsibilities leading to a new challenge for HR professionals and manpower services.

Given all these difficulties, human resources will be the lifeline of every company, and they need to deal with this post-COVID situation with the utmost care and diligence. Above all, these issues revolve more around the People Component of this Global Pandemic, and we can see a transformational change in the post-COVID position of HR. Thus, the new task of HR and manpower recruitment services can involve the following few tasks. However, the Global Pandemic’s effects may be interpreted in several ways.

Counseling and Partnership 

Manpower services must participate in a two-way conversation with staff in order to ensure cooperation efforts. Offering formal therapy sessions with staff to help them resolve their loneliness anxieties, vent their fears, or de-stress.

Sense Workers’ Requirement For Support 

Employees don’t like to be seen as faceless cogs in a larger machine—they want to be remembered for the specific value each brings to the company. This individuality is

something that employers are now starting to accept. Human resources experts need to understand this element and have the appropriate support and communication. To promote daily discussions between Line Managers and workers, HR or manpower services should provide managers with the requisite advice on resolving better critical functions post-COVID-19 pandemic issues, including job security, alternative work models, effects on personnel, and possible stress on the workplace.

Reinforcing the Corporate Principles 

Job well-being has the biggest effect on feelings of psychological safety—disabling employee experience can have a detrimental impact on up to 35% of psychological consequences. To make matters worse, workers’ misconduct rises by as much as 33% during times of confusion.

In addition to modeling correct behaviors, Manpower services should encourage whistle-blowers to report unethical behaviors, remind personnel of the channels for reporting misconduct, and highlight punitive measures for post-COVID non-compliance.

Recognition of Employee Efforts 

As COVID-19 causes major disruption and undercuts employee engagement, Manpower services need to step up their recognition programs and efforts. Effective recognition motivates the recipient and, at the same time, serves as a strong signal to other employees of the behavior they should emulate.

Recognition can take several forms other than monetary rewards, such as public recognition, appreciation tokens, development opportunities, and low-cost benefits. This reinforces the commitment of the organization to the long-term success of its employees.

Driving Commitment Through Innovation 

Today’s unprecedented time of change and disruption demands that innovation and risk-taking become more important for employee engagement and organizational success. The disincentive effect of the constraints on innovation and risk-taking is particularly serious for high-potential (HIPO) employees who may feel discouraged. Even when the organization has restrictions on new investments, Manpower services need to emphasize the need and provide process improvement or incremental innovation opportunities.

Educating And Training The Workforce 

Educating and training the workforce with the right information on COVID-19, safety tips, nutrition information, and so on are vital and work for HR or manpower services. The HR needs to communicate the measures taken by the company in this situation. HR can create interesting posts on escalating events and topics related to this activity feed issue.

Focus On Employee Wellness 

Upon realizing the anxiety and tension of the COVID-19 pandemic, manpower services would need to concentrate more on employees’ mental health and general well-being. Holistic benefits are a common way to bring well-being to an organization.

These benefits include all facets of well-being, including mental health and financial security. Although these programs will vary in options, the idea is to provide workers with benefits that enhance their well-being beyond traditional health coverage.

Employee Upskilling 

As the employee personalization trend shows, workers want to be respected at an individual level. Employers demonstrate gratitude in one way is by upskilling, Learning, and growth programs.

Not only does this make workers feel respected, but it also helps to fill information gaps within the organization. According to Deloitte’s report, the “inability to learn and grow” is the key reason why workers quit their businesses.

Framing New Age Policies 

In view of the business continuity plan to meet these criteria, Post COVID-19, organizations need to have processes, procedures, and policies in place. Organizations need to review policies on flexibility in the workplace, remote work, and for contract workers by explaining policies on pay and benefits if the office or plant is closed or affected.

Looking Ahead 

While these proposals have become the new roles of HR Professionals and manpower services, all these might not automatically work for every company. However, in the post-

COVID-19 landscape, where employees have had to adapt to how they work, all the HR should shift in the direction of a more human-focused approach. An HR professional or manpower services can collectively take these initiatives that go a long way to strengthen employees’ trust for the organization and enhance their impressions based on how the HR professionals or manpower services react or respond in the face of crisis and uncertainty.

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