06 Feb 2022 Ankit Chadha

Placement Services vs In-House Recruitment: What to Choose?

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An organization is what its employees make of it. When you have an efficient group of people working hard for the growth and development of your organization, the chances of achieving success are high. To put it in simple words, your employees define the success rate of your organization. So, in order to find the best set of people, you can take two approaches, a) build a faultless hiring system within the organization with the help of your skilled in-house HR professionals who can contact and bring qualified professionals to become part of your team or b) outsource placement services.

What are Placement Services?

As the name suggests, placement services are hiring services opted by companies in order to find suitable candidates for a specific job position. There are many hiring agencies and consulting firms that offer HR services to their clients that include recruiting, hiring, training and even managing the payroll of the employees. These job placement services involve many skilled placement consultants who know exactly where to find the experts you need for your company’s expansion and growth.

We believe hiring is a tricky process; a wrong hire can cause you wastage of your valuable resources such as time or money. The primary objective of placement services in India is to support potential candidates to pursue new opportunities while helping businesses to find the right employees for their vacant positions. Thus, to be a hundred percent sure and hire a resourceful candidate who can add value to your organization, you can benefit from job placement services. Apart from hiring the right applicants, here are some other benefits of job placement services:


Saves Money:

Spending on placement services might seem like an expense, but what many organizations do not understand is that it is actually an investment. When you partner with a consultancy providing job placement services, they know whom to contact in order to find the right fit for your organization. They have a well-structured process that helps in identifying the best potential candidate for your organization. Thus, when you hire right in the first attempt, you save the money and time that could have been wasted on a wrong hire. Also, the cost of filtering through CVs and holding initial conversations adds up, but if you hire placement consultants, they not only minimize the hiring cost but also hire talented appropriate candidates.

Market Knowledge:

Sometimes, the job criteria can be complicated and challenging to identify; this is where the business experience and market awareness of placement consultants prove to be valuable. For example, when you need to hire a manager, you will need a professional’s opinion and understanding of existing recruitment legislation, whereas the job placement services usually know all the applicable criteria and legalities that apply.

Once you hire placement services, it makes your future hires smooth since, by then, the consultancy will become aware of the specific requirements of your company.

Other Additional Services:

Placement consultants conduct background checks on candidates, which are essential when assessing new employees. This can be time-consuming, as it involves monitoring references, holding preliminary interviews, and verifying that the candidates are as they promise on their resumes.

Another reason you should opt for placement services is that you can rest assured that any candidate you encounter has already passed the provisional checks conducted by professionals. If your organization has an opening with an undefined salary, all the placement services in India will give you a dependable and near to precise rate using their salary data and local market knowledge.

Wider Reach for Best Talent:

Placement consultancies typically have access to the best possible talent and are in contact with candidates who are vigorously looking for jobs. Along with knowing people looking for jobs, they also know talented people working elsewhere who can recommend and refer other potential candidates.

If you decide to hire TRC Corporate Consulting’s placement services, you are more likely to have access to the best career-seekers in the market. We have satisfactory performance history and aggressively work to help you achieve your business goals.

Creative Perspective:

Sometimes you might find it challenging to identify certain vital needs of your business while you are busy conducting a smooth workflow by delivering quality goods and services to your customers, and this is where hiring placement services is beneficial rather than having an in-house team. Placement services help you bring a more fresh, creative, and unbiased set of professionals who can prove valuable to your organization. Skilled placement consultants from placement agencies or consulting firms such as ours can use their judgement and expertise to recruit candidates that will be the best for a company’s success.

A placement agency or a consulting firm that provides HR solutions can help you hire and train employees efficiently. Besides providing hiring assistance, these firms also bring about major developments in your organization’s management system and work culture through research and modern management methods.

How Can TRC Corporate Consulting’s Placement Services Help? 

At TRC Corporate Consulting, we understand that finding the right match for a job opening can get really challenging at times. Apart from cross-checking skills and expertise, many things need to be taken into consideration when recruiting.

When we say recruiting, it includes everything from advertising the vacancy, effective communication with the candidate to offering the right salary, and more. It can get time consuming and expensive for an organization to manage everything as they might lack the apt experience and knowledge when it comes to hiring.

At TRC Corporate Consulting, we have a panel of experts who provide placement services to our clients from different industries. With access to various tools and daily updates about the market, they work hard to help you hire skilled and proficient employees who can drive your organization towards profit.

Do you need placement assistance for your organization? Well, contact us now for the best placement services in India!

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