09 Mar 2021 Ankit Chadha

Look Out For These 5 Corporate Consulting Trends in 2021

Corporate Consulting : TRC Corporate Consulting

Corporate consulting firms consists of industry-specific professionals who give advice, recommendations and actionable alternatives to organizations facing problems that are difficult to resolve in-house. Every company competing in the market is bound to have issues and would need constant guidance. Consultants perform these functions in the best possible way.

Corporate consulting services are required in nearly every industrial sector. There are firms offering a variety of services like Business Advisory, Human resources, Company Secretarial, Taxations services, etc. A few of them provide all services for a comprehensive solution. Corporate consulting services have become popular and are necessarily required by most of the companies, irrespective of their size and scale.

The Present Landscape 

Digital media has influenced the landscape of corporate consulting firms. Like other companies, business consultant companies had to reinvent and reshape their services and workers to provide clients with quick, profitable and high-quality solutions virtually. Over the last few years, consultants have watched the transition in the industry, where traditional consultancy is left with a smaller market share.

As the digital transition happened, the way consultants presented themselves and provided information has changed and they have shifted to rely on data and perform functions after analysing the data.

Trends To Look Out For In 2021 

Where specialized market expertise has prevailed in conventional consultancy, the opportunity to exploit insights to redefine experience and rethink business models using data and cloud technology prevails. Business consultant companies capable of using and analysing data with the help of their experts can deliver value to their clients.

For knowing more about the corporate consulting trends in 2021, continue reading.

  1. Coping with the Digital Future 

Businesses used to rely on consultants who physically visit their site to learn about the procedures and functions before beginning the collaboration. However, now on-site consultation is expected to be an antidote to critical cases only. Consultants have redefined their working style and function from distant areas distributed internationally, while prioritizing the client's interest.

Digital networks can be leveraged to handle consultancy cases and to collaborate with teams spread around the globe. This would provide momentum to new forms of resourcing (including offshoring), contributing to higher demand for advanced and professional corporate consulting services.

  1. Tailored Solutions: Role of Experts 

The market is turning away from high-value short-term initiatives and are moving close to long-term policy growth and give more extensive feedback commitments. Companies are increasingly searching for consultants who can offer highly tailored strategies formulated by obtaining in-depth insight into their company. This would endorse the role of subject matter experts (SMEs) in the articulation of the plan.

Expertise in niche areas/sectors will dominate the current market for solutions, and practitioners carrying out industry-specific practices will stand out. Additionally, business consultant companies would require a robust resource base of experience in different industries.

  1. Consultant Teams And Technology To Take Over In-House Strategy 

The growing importance of strategic planning has observed businesses moving forward to develop their internal strategy departments, including ex-consultants who have worked in behemoth consulting.

Business consultant companies would do well to deliver non-frills services to those clients, as well as a variety of offerings (supported by experts and digital products) that would be impossible for internal teams to duplicate.

  1. Client's Expectations Might Result In Reduced Margins

Clients have become price-savvy when it comes to corporate consulting services. Freelancers and boutique firms do not get a lot of frills attached to their offerings and are thus able to quote a far lower price than multinational consultants.

Also, billing models are disrupted due to client's pricing concerns; clients expect more return on investment and 'proof' of consistency on consultancy advice. Besides, the off-the-shelf technology resources available online and tough competition have reduced consultancies' margins and profitability. They are expected to adopt cost-effective options over costly diagnostics depending on actual billing hours.

Though, it is unfair to compare the expertise gained by corporate consulting firms with freelancers and boutique firms. Firms like TRC Corporate Consulting, a top consultant company, believe in minimizing the use of technology and maximize inclusion of experts, who can evaluate a few aspects in a better way than the machines, which might bring down the cost.

  1. Increased Dependence Of Technology Sector On Consultancy Firms 

Establishment of technology-related companies are increasing and will gradually focus on leveraging corporate consulting services from top consultant company to survive the existing conditions. This may strengthen the need for policy and organizational mandates for consultancy firms.

Latent demand for technology-enabled startups, such as fin-tech and app-based businesses, will further fuel this practice and help startups push their next phase of expansion. They will require corporate finance structuring to thrive and build a strong base.

Business Consultant companies with industry experts would find it convenient to tap into this upcoming opportunity, provided they bear more profound knowledge of the market and the right capabilities to deliver tailor-made solutions.

  1. Restructuring Practices To Be Adopted

Companies influenced by current volatility may seek guidance to divide their concentration between core and  non-core practices. This will continue to engage corporate consulting companies for contracts to counsel firms on consolidation, divestment, and corporate finance restructuring.

In addition, the industry sectors that expect to re-engineer themselves in order to respond to changing market scenarios would require support for strategic, cultural and organizational growth. Business consultant companies with expertise in these twin areas are projected to excel and leverage expert corporate consulting services.

What Makes TRC Consulting One Of The Top Consultant Company? 

With the paradigm shift in the functioning of the organizations due to the changing business environment, corporate consulting and finance restructuring has become vital for the firms. This is imperative for tracking the performance of an organization and work in accordance with the changing trends.

At TRC Corporate Consulting, we have a team of experts who perform extensive research and stay updated with the dynamic trends related to corporate finance consulting and corporate finance restructuring. Our experts have been serving the clients of different industrial sectors and have gained unparalleled practical experience and expertise in most sectors.


Due to this, they are capable of providing industry-specific solutions also. They put in the best of their efforts to understand the areas of the key importance of their clients and offer them tailored services and solutions.


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