29 Sep 2020 Ankit Chadha

HR Solutions: Tackle Hiring Challenges During COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted people’s daily lives. Netizens have been instructed to stay at home and maintain social distancing to curb the spread of the virus. 

Moreover, the on-going pandemic has also affected the hiring plans and HR Services of organisations as they have had no choice but to fire or furlough their employees. On the other hand, some industries such as logistics, digital, and healthcare have had a boom and are in search of quality employees. 

HR solutions consultancy: Filling The Gap For Mass Layoffs by Organisations 

With the onset of the pandemic, organisations across the world have no choice but to let go of employees as they are facing a shortage of finances, demand, and resources. Especially true for the hospitality and tourism industries, who have suffered the brunt of the pandemic. According to a recent survey conducted, 42% of assessed organisations have either reduced or enabled a hiring freeze.  

This situation offers an opportunity to the outsourced HR services to hire the top professionals in their respective fields who have been let go. The HR solutions company should take full advantage of this scenario and fill in the position requests for their clients, thus improving the scalability of HR services.  

Outsourced HR Solutions: Dawn of A New HR Era 

In order to cut costs, organisations are outsourcing their HR solutions and services to leading HR Solutions Consultancies. Outsourcing the HR services to an experienced HR solutions company offers several advantages, such as: 

  • It frees up time for critical tasks and allows you to focus on the goals and objectives of the company. 

  • It allows an expert to improve or draft your HR policies. 

  • It helps in saving costs and reducing overheads. 

  • It helps in increasing the overall efficiency of the organisation. 

  • It decreases employee turnover and attracts qualified employees. 

  • It assists with the training and development of employees. 

  • Minimises employer liabilities. 

Tackle Recruitment Challenges By Hiring HR Solutions Company

Now, let us take a closer look at the hiring challenges faced by organisations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how hiring an HR solutions company can help to tackle them with their HR Services:  

  • High Volume of Hiring 

While the pandemic is proving to be fatal for some industries, for others like logistics, healthcare, e-commerce, and digital require employees due to the high demand for their services. According to a LinkedIn report, posting for healthcare jobs during this pandemic has shot up by 35%.  

Walmart and Amazon are hiring to fill in 150,000 and 100,000 positions, respectively, due to the demand for food and home essential’s delivery has surged. Other industries that are hiring employees during this period include online learning, remote communication, and childcare providers.  

If an organisation has to hire a large number of employees, it would be difficult with an in-house HR department to manage so. However, it would be right up the alley for outsourced HR solutions consultancy because they employ specialised HR Services techniques to increase their efficiency.   

  • Difficult Onboarding Process 

It has become difficult for organisations to onboard new employees amidst the current pandemic, where individuals are stuck between layoffs and new job opportunities. Furthermore, the HR services department, whether in-house or outsourced, were not prepared for this crisis and hence had inadequate resources for remote onboarding of new employees.  

However, this situation has now changed with HR solutions consultancies resorting to onboarding through video calls and online materials. These new-age tools help candidates to prepare for their new job and allows them to have their doubts addressed, thus resulting in a smooth HR Services’ onboarding process. 

  • Limited Applications

At any regular point in time, an organisation receives a large number of applications for any job posting, but that has not been the case in current times because of the pandemic.  

This has occurred due to the shifting priorities of people. They are scared of the current scenario; hence they are sceptical of applying to any new jobs. People have become apprehensive of taking big decisions like a job change because they are uncertain how the pandemic may unfold in the future.  

Furthermore, with the massive rise in unemployment, people do not want to take the risk of actively looking for new roles while employed.  

Another critical point to note is that even the organisations are focusing more on their current employees, so active recruiting has taken a backseat. With an HR solutions company backing you, you will never run out of talent. 

  • Maintaining a Positive Candidate Experience

Properly overseeing the candidate experience might not be a top priority when companies are either freezing or reducing hiring, but how you treat your prospective employees still impacts your organisation in the long-run.  

According to a survey performed by LinkedIn, 46% of organisations said that the COVID-19 outbreak negatively affected the recruitment experience.  

Even though your hiring HR services plans might be changing, you still might have candidates who entered the hiring funnel in your organisation weeks or months ago. Whether you are freezing the hiring HR Services process, continuing business as usual, or designing a remote candidate experience, it is crucial to keep the candidates well-informed about the situation.  

In such cases, HR solutions companies save the day as they get in touch with candidates in the hiring funnel and let them know what to expect.   

  • Setting up a Remote Hiring Process 

As the pandemic indicates no signs of slowing down, there is no idea as to when people can get back to their regular routines. As a result, there is a high dependency on technology for recruiting purposes.  

Conducting interviews and assessments can be difficult for recruiters as they would have to do it online all of a sudden. HRs who were previously apprehensive about remote hiring, have no choice but to set up a process for the same.  

Explore TRC ‘s HR Solutions in India 

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