16 Apr 2021 Ankit Chadha

HR Consultants' Guide To Understanding The Contemporary HR Philosophy

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Today, when we are witnessing a shift in landscapes across industries, many professionals struggle to answer a simple questionwhat is HR consulting. While many organizations look at this as a mere administrative role with negligible strategic impact, new-age HR Consultants are developing policies that are turning out to be increasingly favourable for large and small organizations alike. Although HR Consultants are taking greater responsibilities and going beyond the human resource bureaucracy, there still exists a gap between the aspirational and actual roles of HR professionals.

This gap can be believed to take birth due to two seemingly complementary causes. The primary cause is that executives often neglect people management as a part of their job role. This leads to HR Consulting Firm’s team of HR consultants worrying about lapses and leaning in to solve these issues themselves. On a surface level, this scenario works well for everyone as it allows the management to move away from the unrewarding (and apparently uncomfortable) situations and gives HR professionals an opportunity to have a say in important company decisions.

However, this erroneous approach is detrimental for the management and the company as a whole. When managers step away from the employees' problems leaving HRs in charge, it increases the distance between the two and enhances the result vs people dichotomy.

So what is the right approach for HR managers to manage people without enhancing the gap between the managers and the employees? Let's find out.

Let Managers Manage 

HR consultants believe that the idea is to help managers manage as opposed to managing on their behalf. This approach is based on three principles -

  • Managers (and not HRs) should be the backbone of the company's leadership. This means that they should define and develop the leadership of the company and be responsible for all leadership decisions.
  • The core of people management should lie with the managers and not the HR managers. Everything from hiring and rewarding to evaluating and disciplining the employees should fall under the job role of the management.
  • Employees should be encouraged to take up their problems with their respective managers first before coming to the HRs if needed.

Encouraging Leadership Should be Your First Priority 

HR consultants believe that leadership development should be one of your top priorities while onboarding people. When you hire people, leadership qualities should be the first thing you look for in them, whether they are going to hold people-management responsibilities or not. These skills should also be an integral part of your day-to-day upskilling activities like new-hire orientations, refresher training and seminars and should also be a performance metric as you conduct appraisal assessments and consider promotions. It might not be feasible for HR department to manage everything, therefore, it is advisable to leverage these services from one of the top HR Consulting firms.

This will allow more and more people in the organization to focus on management and other critical tasks, making room for better managers who are equipped with the right skillsets to manage better people.

Conflict Management is Key 

One of the key areas where managers struggle to manage is when problems arise between people. Traditionally, HR managers used to put themselves in the position of mediators to solve the conflict between the employees—the new age HR consultants today advice against this. HR Consulting Firm’s approach is to empower employees and managers to develop constructive conflict management and problem-solving skills to enable them to find solutions together.

This means that it is important to teach people management skills not only to managers but to their subordinates as well. This will enable them to have difficult conversations and resolving problems on their own or with the help of their managers. The idea is to teach people that when problems arise, their next port of call should be their managers and not their HRs. And, if organizations hire human resource consulting firm, it frees up the time of HR department, enabling them to devote their time towards other important tasks.

Mindful Hiring in the HR Department 

According to HR consultants, whom you bring on board in your HR department should be a mindful decision. There should be extensive interviews by both your internal clients and the senior members of the department. It is important to remember that it is not necessarily true that the candidate with the maximum years of experience will be the best fit for your company. As a matter of fact, some of the best companies steer clear of people who have spent years in traditional HR setups as they find themselves to be too hung up on the "HR knows best" mindset. It is advisable to leverage these services from human resource consulting firms, as they have a pool of expert professionals who have been in the industry for years.

Instead, coming-of-age intelligent people who will be better cultural fits for your organization and who have the drive to empower and enable others will be the ideal candidates for the changing landscape of the HR world. The HR consulting firms are well aware of this reality, and bring apt candidates to your organization.

In a nutshell, the HR consultant of an organization works to shape the company's interest by analyzing relevant data, enabling and upskilling people, and transforming employees into leaders. On the other hand, the management needs to take responsibility for performance evaluation, hiring, and compensation.

Another option many new-age companies are choosing these days is outsourcing HR services to reputed, experienced HR consulting firms. It is advisable to choose one of the top HR Consulting Firms, as they provide tailor-made services according to the needs of your organization and even enable your employees to become better people managers.

At TRC Corporate Consulting, we help you find and recruit the right people and allow you to make  the best choice for your company. Moreover, we also manage your staff, making sure your training and upskilling go to the right people. We develop relationships with the candidates and strive to supply not only employees but prospective leaders who are driven to take your business to new heights. Our HR consultants stay up to date on this shifting landscape of the industry. With TRC, you can get customized human resource consulting services without having to disrupt the current operations of your organization.

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