16 Dec 2020 Ankit Chadha

How HR Outsourcing Support Businesses Amidst The COVID-19 Uncertainty?

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HR executives and HR Outsourcing companies will step up to help their companies in new ways in times of uncertainty during the COVID-19?pandemic. ‘In such situations, we don’t have to restrict ourselves to our functional borders,’ Choubey expressed that he is heading the organization’s business continuity plans, looking at, for example, scaling production once factories restart. 

To curtail the coronavirus’s spread, India was under a nationwide lockdown since March 25, which got lifted on May 3. Businesses also requested workers to work from home when possible as a result of the pandemic. Yet sales have tanked, and the incentive to cut costs is increasing. 

Get Smart With?Cost-Cutting 

When it’s time to slash expenses, workers are always a prime target, but experts advise that HR press first for other cuts. 

During a webinar session?for SHRM India, Manu Wadhwa, the?CHRO of Sony Pictures Networks in Mumbai, stated, “Get into ‘a change-seat driver’s by being innovative around work, worker and the workplace.’ By getting more workers working from home in the future, businesses will reimagine the workplace, which may further lower the cost of maintaining offices. Wadhwa said, “how much more can you automate, digitize,” for work. 

Ensure that the organization’s core talent is active and will be able to work on the company’s development when operations resume. Some employers have also introduced salary cuts and quit without pay in order to save on employee expenses. If workers have to be let go, experts suggest that the cuts be staggered for a year.  

Starting Back Again 

HR can collaborate with HR outsourcing companies before the end of the lockdown to address the question, “How would you get people back to work?” said Anandorup Ghose, a partner at Mumbai’s consulting firm expressed. This may include outsourcing HR functions or HR process outsourcing that can change factory workers’ shifts to guarantee their safety with the least disruption to the company.  

New requirements, such as checking the temperature of employees, requiring everyone to wear masks, and restricting the number of staff in common areas and dining facilities, may also be required. 

Sinha said at Pidilite’s factories, the company aims to create a separate area where employees can sit down and wait in the cafeteria for their turn. To reduce personal interaction, they are also exploring improvements to how food is served, he said. 

New Business Models and Fresh Investments 

Business would be far from usual, even when the lockout is lifted. It is expected that consumer demand will shift, and greater competition will arise, forcing businesses to work differently. This is a moment for business models to reset their whole thought, “This is a time to reset the entire thinking of business models,” Raymond, a brick-and-mortar store, for example, will look to improve its online sales, he said. These emerging market realities would require HR to think about recruiting talent, workforce preparation, and learning and growth differently. 

As a result, further investment in digital and infrastructure upgrades will be made, such as in data processing technologies and business analytics, Sinha said. “We have to develop more capabilities?to do these things remotely.” 

Finding The Right Balance With HR Outsourcing Amidst The COVID-19 Uncertainty 

The correct HR outsourcing services’ combination is specific to, and company and has a variety of variables to consider – only a few are employee experience, organizational priorities, geographical footprint, phase or organizational development and expense.  

In combination with flight initiatives, the assessment of these outsourcing HR functions’ variables helps to establish a consistent direction for the solution to the delivery model. 

Were you aware? 

  • Outsourcing goes way beyond arbitration of labor costs. 

  • Innovation and access to new capabilities help drive fruitful collaborations with HRO 

  • The emphasis on vendor management provides companies with qualitative and quantitative returns. 

Let TRC Corporate Consulting Help You With Your HR Outsourcing Requirements 

Our?HR outsourcing services?meet?numerous objectives?over its entire lifecycle. You will be working?with experts who understand your overall business goals, see the problem of Human Resources?outsourcing services from the viewpoint of both the customer and the contractor. Thus, help you achieve desirable outcomes, no matter where you are in the HR outsourcing?process. Where TRC Corporate?Consulting’s?HR Outsourcing services?excels is that. We are recognized for our ability to see the broader perspective, building on our access to customer service knowledge, expertise, and skills: 

  • Develop a plan for HR outsourcing services that aligns with organizational priorities and goals 

  • Build a ‘case for change’ to illustrate the advantages and costs of a transition to HR outsourcing 

  • Facilitate closer alignment between purchasers and outsourced service providers 

  • Improving the quality of HR outsourcing services’ delivery by support during the life cycle of the project 

Our HR outsourcing services aim to deliver lasting results for your business, apart from providing industry insights, effective execution of HR plans’ implementation, and continuous support for outsourcing HR functions and HR process outsourcing. In case you have queries about our HR outsourcing services, contact our team! 

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