01 Jan 2019 Shaquib Wasif

How does automation enrich the HR function?

Automation in HR Function -  HR Management | TRC Consulting

Every role/ job has certain tasks that are repetitive. In fact, the better you do them, the more hassle free your life is. But these tasks don’t really need human intervention and at best are rather mechanical in nature. In the field of Human Resources too, there are certain tasks or jobs which are repetitive. It is noteworthy that these tasks are important and cannot be avoided. Today, we’ll look at certain tasks or functions in HR which can be automated, in order to improve efficiency and increase overall levels of job satisfaction of an HR professional-

1.       Leave and Records Management-It is always advisable to automate tasks like maintaining leave records, leave balances, time-sheets, work sheets, employee tax records etc. Automation of leave and records helps improving productivity due to quick processing of data and it also helps in slashing down storage and printing costs associated with paper based processing. A lot of leave management softwares and systems provide for free setup, data import and email/ chat support within the organization and are largely web based, which means they can be accessed from anywhere.

2.       Payroll Management-Another important function in HR where automation leads to error free processing of payroll related data. Since payroll data is critical and extremely sensitive, automation helps in reducing or eliminating the element of human error on account of mistakes in data entry and ensures that the organization remains protected from compliance related risks. As of now only 29% of the businesses remain dependent on the traditional payroll systems. Also this software throws up useful data with respect to the needs of varying employment contracts.

3.       Recruitment-The process of recruitment is very time consuming for an HR professional and consists of inviting applications for a suitable position though job posting, screening of resumes and reviewing the candidature of the applicants at the first level. A robust applicant tracking system (ATS) helps in freeing up time of the recruiters by eliminating irrelevant applications and shortlisting the relevant profiles as per the job specifications, automatically. This leads to better productivity and improvement in overall efficiency of the HR employee.

4.       Benefits Administration-Administration of benefits like mediclaim, provident fund, gratuity, insurance etc. is of a highly complex nature and will involve a lot of workforce related costs, if done manually. An employee also goes through various life events like marriage, having children etc. which brings about a lot changes in these benefits. Automation of benefits through something as simple as an online portal helps in keeping a proper track of these benefits and the relevant changes in these benefits due to life events. It also helps in drastically reducing cost and reducing manpower required for benefits administration

All forward looking organisations are automating most of the redundant and mundane tasks, which is resulting in higher levels of employee engagement, cost reduction and improved efficiencies which in turn results in higher employee productivity and lower employee turnover. Time for rest of the organisations to also catch up! Take care

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