How does a positive candidate experience build your employer brand?

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A successful organisation never loses its focus on attracting and engaging talent. Attracting talent may directly or indirectly be the aftermath of superior candidate experience. A candidate who is just a number at one point of time is also a vital cog for successful branding at a later point of time. To elaborate, talent acquisition involves four stages which include sourcing of candidates, screening, selection which is followed by on- boarding. Candidate experience refers to the perception a candidate forms about the Organisation as he sails through these stages of hiring. Smart employers and organisations view application and interview processes as effective means of creating a positive impression in the mind of the applicant.

How candidate experience and employer branding are closely linked:

Recruitment is not only about finding or hiring the best candidate available in the market place, it is also about employer branding. It is further important to note that the role of an organisation is not restricted to providing positive experience to existing employees only, the necessity to provide an enriching candidate experience also arises as a candidate today may be an employee tomorrow and also the candidate may act as a publicity tool for the employer. Publicity could be positive, acting in interest of Employee branding. It could be negative on the contrary thereby tarring the image of the employer.

A candidate may be rejected by an organisation if he or she do not meet the standards set. Though this candidate may not be a potential employee of the company, he will form an opinion about the employer based on his experience and will definitely share the same with his friends and colleagues. This may in turn impact the perception of future job seekers.

Advantages of positive candidate experience

·       A candidate may be awaiting an offer from the organisation. In a scenario of getting similar offer letters from multiple sources, he may opt for the Organisation where his experience was most pleasant.

·       A short, simple and pleasant hiring process ensures more employees complete the life cycle till on boarding. It prevents candidates from dropping out due to a boring, uninteresting and complex joining process.

·       Positive message getting passed to others, which increases chances of receiving more candidatures in future. Recruitment drives are successful because of positive employer branding.

·       Quality candidates aspire to be a part of the organisation because of employer’s goodwill.

How positive or negative candidate experience is shared: If the candidate experience has not been very pleasant, the employer has indirectly show cased his organisation in a negative fashion without even realising the harm he has done to the organisations image and goodwill.

Hiring process thus holds a lots of significance to employer branding. Having said this, an organisation gets a huge edge in the market place because of its people vouching for them on basis of their positive experience. This is all the more accelerated because of the connection between people because of social media. Candidates looking out for jobs start acquiring information about Organisations even before applying. Company website, social media and word of mouth are the channels for information accumulation.

Dealing with rejected candidatures

Handling rejected candidates, especially the way in which rejection is communicated is of utmost importance. This is because this is the last leg of interaction between the employer and a candidate and the impact stays forever. Organisations may keep them waiting not bothering to communicate rejection to them which may be a big cause of dissatisfaction. Few organisations mail or call rejected candidates personally and this leaves behind a good impression and leads to enhancing equity.

If you wish to build your employer brand with a positive candidate experience, then we’re here to guide you as a knowledge partner.


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