26 Feb 2021 Ankit Chadha

Here's Why You Should Use Placement Services in 2021

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Human resources managers and executives spend a lot of time discussing about the opening, advertising, hours spent screening; interviewing; re-interviewing; background checks; and more. The HR departments often perform these steps to put in their best efforts to select the best candidate, who is appropriate to fill the vacancy.

If you have a committed personnel recruiter, you already know how significant the investment is every year. Have you amortized their salary and benefits as per the number of hires per year? That's just the tip of the iceberg in the expense of recruiting.

Hiring placement services have been increasing steadily, especially for small companies, where already have limited staff; in-house recruitment sometimes does not make a wise investment of capital. If you don't have a committed placement consultancy, you're spending vital job time of your team members, which might impact the bottom line.

A placement consultancy to hire the right candidates (not just a pool of applicants) could be the way to go if you want to make the best of your buck.

The primary objective of the placement agencies is to support job-seekers to pursue new opportunities while encouraging businesses to find the right employees for their available positions. Unfortunately, very few people know all the other advantages of availing best placement services. Find them below:

  1. Cost Savings 

Placement agencies may have allocations to all the top job boards, so you can make sure that the open job positions for your company are rightly placed; on the other hand, posting one-off positions for advertising agencies can be costly.

The cost of sifting through CVs and holding initial conversations adds up, but if the company uses the agency, not only does it minimize the cost, but recruiter has the potential to negotiate the right compensation (to offer input and recommendations on what is fair pay).

Thus, resulting in a better chance of hiring the top applicant. Costs like future hiring costs, training cost, posting job adverts, etc., will save time if placement services are availed.

  1. Expert Market Knowledge 

Sometimes, the applicant criteria can be complex and challenging to identify; this is where the business experience and market awareness of the recruiter offering expert placement services proves to be priceless. For example, if you employ a manager, you will need an expert opinion and understanding of existing recruitment legislation, whereas the agency usually knows all the applicable criteria and legalities that apply.

If you have formed a connection with a placement consultancy firm that you trust, your future recruitment process will be smoother, as the agency will be aware of the qualifications that are expected to suit your company in the right way.

Recruiters leveraging placement services are experts in their industries and updates the internal HR team of an organization about the current happenings. These recruiters from placement consultancy generally know how to meet the best potential candidates, ongoing pay-scale rates, job requirements, existing recruiting challenges, available skills and shortages.

  1. Other Additional Services 

Placement agencies conduct background checks on applicants, which is essential when evaluating new employees. This can be time-consuming, as it includes monitoring references, holding preliminary interviews and verifying that the applicant meets what they promise on their CV.

Another factor why you should avail the best placement services is that you can be secure that any applicant you encounter has already completed the provisional checks, carried out by experts. If your company has a vacancy with an undefined salary, the recruiting agency gives you a reliable and near to accurate rate using their salary data and local market awareness.

        4.  Saves Time

In industry, time is money, but, if you hire placement agencies, you can save time. Firms providing placement services save a company's time by taking care of the initial steps of the recruitment process. The placement agencies ensures that the time you spend in the selection process is spent wisely and on potential candidates.

But it doesn't stop there; the agencies leveraging placement services will then arrange appointments with ready applicants for all the details. Consultancies offering the best placement services will also deal with administration flaws, such as proper communication with selected and unselected candidates.

         5.  Wider Reach for Best Talent 

The placement consultancy usually has access to the best possible talent and have access to applicants who are actively pursuing jobs and talented people already working elsewhere.

If you choose to hire a placement consultancy, you are statistically more likely to have access to the best career-seekers of the market, who have good performance history and are aggressively searching for new job opportunities.

Most placement agencies usually place job opening ads on a multitude of job boards and realize the importance of logistics and marketing behind the information that can accessed from job portals only by recruiters.

Finding the best candidates is usually challenging, as they are sometimes difficult to locate if they do not openly disclose their status as ‘actively seeking jobs’.

Why Choose TRC Consulting for Best Placement Services? 

To find the right match for the vacant position gets difficult sometimes. Along with cross-checking the skills and expertise, there are many things that need to be considered during the recruitment process.

This is usually time-consuming and involves considerable cost. These tasks might include advertising the vacancy, effective communication with the candidate, offering a reasonable and accurate salary, etc. It is difficult for an organization to manage everything as they might lack adequate practical experience and knowledge.

At TRC Corporate Consulting, we have a team of experts who have been providing placement services for a long time to clients from different industries. With access to various job portals and daily updates about the market, they work dedicatedly to bring you skilled and proficient employees to drive your organization's success. Our experts have hands-on experience in placement services, that they’ve gained over the years.

Are you unable to hire candidates with the appropriate skill-set and expert industry-specific knowledge? Do you need placement assistance? Contact us now for the best placement services

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