21 Oct 2020 Ankit Chadha

Here's How TRC's Outsourced Financial Modeling And Valuation Services Look Like

Financial Modeling And Valuation | TRC Corporate Consulting

Understanding forecasting business trends and outcomes is an essential part of any financial modeling and valuation strategy. It gives companies a way to look at dynamic economic models to help them make better and informed decisions.  

At TRC, we provide comprehensive financial modeling and valuation services that help businesses analyze data more efficiently. When clients outsource business valuation services to us, we collaborate to bridge gaps in data and assemble information to finalize financial valuation models. 

We offer database management services like data validation, adjustment, and aggregation with our experience in the financial research industry. Also, our services include mathematical financial modeling and valuation services like factor selection, model building and validation. Some other related services include: 

These services help you get 360 coverage for all financial modeling and valuation requirements.  

Financial Modeling and Valuation Services that Empower You 

At TRC Corporate Consulting, we help our customers with specialized financial modeling and valuation services, helping them also understand the uses of fincial modeling, thus enabling them to focus on client initiatives and deal structuring activities. With our strategic global presence, we ensure the best company valuation services with an economical pricing model. 

Working as an offsite financial modeling and valuation services team, our financial analysts come with experience in delivering numerous financial valuation models. Few financial modeling examples include models for M&A, Investment Research, Fixed Income, and Project Finance across many sectors. 

Our financial modeling and valuation services include: 

  • Merger and acquisitions 

We ensure that our clients get precise mergers and acquisition modeling services. The main purpose is to ensure that the customer is fully aware of how specific mergers or acquisitions will affect the financial standing. Using a thorough analysis, we provide accurate information so that the client is able to make an informed decision. 

  • Business Valuation - Dividend Discount Model (DDM) 

With our expert business valuation techniques like the dividend discount model, we calculate the firm's true value. It is based on the dividends the company pays its shareholders. With this robust model, the cash flows provide the client with the value for the worth of company shares. Thus, helping the clients understand the exact amount of their investment. 

  • Cash Flow Analysis 

Our cash flow analysis for financial modeling and valuation services compiles the client's cash flow statement, and income statement, balance sheet, into a single economic model. We have modeling presets gained from company valuation experiences that ensure quick and accurate analysis and modeling. 

  • Cash Flow Forecasting 

Whether its balance sheets, income statements, or even cash flow statements, at TRC, we help you with all your financial projections. 

  • Target Forecasting 

TRC's thorough financial analysis and forecasting through financial valuation models ensure that the customer injects the right amount of resources to reach their targets. 

  • Budgeting 

Our company valuation model converts the client's budgeting assumptions to statistical probabilities. The model used ensures that they can plan their company's future based on actionable data. 

  • Calculating Profitability of a Product 

Our financial modeling and valuation services attain detailed insight into each product and segment's profitability ratios. In this manner, our experts determine each product's profitability under various conditions. 

  • Market Analysis 

From our financial modeling examples, you will understand that we go the extra mile to provide a complete overview. It encompasses how several cost, industry, and economic changes may or may not impact the customer's company. In this manner, it prepares the client beforehand with contingencies. 

  • Working Capital Assessment 

TRC's detailed financial modeling and valuation methods anticipate the amount of working capital needed for improvement and growth. In this manner, the company gets to know the exact amount of investment that is required. 

  • Accretion/Dilution Analysis 

For complete business valuation services, we provide our clients with accretion/ dilution analysis. With this analysis, the effect of the acquisition on the client's earnings per share is measured. Thus, helping our client understand whether the deal is beneficial for them or not. 

  • Goodwill Calculation 

A significant part of our financial modeling and valuation services encompasses the calculation of the intangible goodwill of firms for our clients. The goodwill of a business is the real advantage, especially as it concerns the reputation and connection of the organization with customers. Thus, calculating the goodwill will help your clients procure a firm with good client connections. 

Apart from these, our services also include a projection of financial statements and balance sheets for mergers, financing and business planning, deal structuring, and others. Otherwise, a sector-specific business valuation model can be further enriched with inputs from our sector specialists. Our large team of analysts works to the advantage of our clients. Excel is the major tool that is used since our modelers are experts at leveraging excel programs.  

Industry-Specific Financial Modeling and Valuation

As one of the leading contributors in providing financial modeling services in the country, we combine expertise with experience. This way, we can offer better financial modeling services and ensure that our clients benefit from them in the long run. Our ongoing support services provided by TRC Corporate Consulting ensures that you gain long-term benefits.  

We create customized and specialized financial valuation models that can be easily tweaked to fit a wide range of needs. Our team of experts understand the different busy seasons when businesses grow, making us the perfect partner during such spikes. Outsourcing financial modeling and valuation services to us will enable you to leverage from our vast and reliable sector-specific knowledge.  

From our financial modeling examples, it is understandable that our client portfolio includes established and start-up investment banks, private equity, and advisory firms. Hence, describing how we serve both buy-side and sell-side clients. We provide financial models for industry verticals like the following: 

  1. Real Estate 

  1. Retail and CPG 

  1. Banking 

  1. Chemical 

  1. Corporate 

  1. Accounting Firms 

  1. Oil and Gas 

Why Invest in TRC Consulting for Financial Modeling and Valuation? 

Our expert analysts at TRC Corporate Consulting have extensive experience in developing, implementing, and supporting financial valuation models to help investors, businesses of all sizes, across many industries to identify their business's financial standing and develop future forecasting for finances, growth, and sustainability.  

Our analysts are adept at understanding our customer's requirements just from specific objectives and instructions. Further, this ensures the quickest turnaround time while providing the clients with world-class financial modeling and valuation services. So, if you want to learn more about the uses of financial modeling and valuation, or have queries about our services, contact us! 

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