28 May 2020 Ankit Chadha

Here's How HR Services Will Be Reshaped in The Future

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In today's economy, technological advancements and next-gen workforces are pushing HR services to find new ways to work with additional expertise and specializations. You must be aware that criticisms and grievances towards HR services and its dedicated emphasis on administrative functions and strategic objectives are not something new. Nevertheless, HR services are always in the loop when companies face workforce-related concerns such as reorganization, recruiting or employee conflicts. Usually, when the company is up and running, managers and/or staff might be predisposed to think: What are HR services doing for us?

Recently, LinkedIn published its 2020 annual 'Global Talent Trends' report, which explores the major trends driving the future of workplaces. Empathy will be the factor driving all these trends and change the way you recruit and retain talent. The report combines survey results from over 7,000 talent professionals in 35 countries, behavioural data from LinkedIn, 40 expert interviews, and states that placing human experience at the center of HR services and hiring is crucial, and incorporates actionable guidance for leaders to turn insights into accomplishment.

Keeping the constant need to incorporate empathy in mind, here is a peek at how HR services will be reshaped in the future:

  1. Preparation for The Next Generation

By 2020, 'Generation Y' will constitute 50 percent of the total workforce! The next generation joining the workforce has attributes that demand innovative and reformed leadership. Attracting, motivating, and retaining talent has always been difficult, but doing so with the Millennials poses new challenges to their work characteristics: salaries and titles are not as important to them as to previous generations.

The next generation wants to work to make a difference. They want to work in a company that invests in growth, and the traditional model of '9 to 5' is not as appealing for the Millennials and Gen Y, as the group prefers working as a freelancer. HR services will take the lead to make the organization aware of adjusting the company's culture to attract the next generation workforce.

  1. The HR Generalist Will Fade Away

The HR services of tomorrow must be able to think and act like an entrepreneur; be a strategic partner with skills. Besides the skills of being an entrepreneur, HR services should have a new way to communicate with employees, because this can help eliminate the "administrative aspect" of the job and train HR professionals in entrepreneurial skills.

Strategic planning, drafting business cases and forecasts are important resources to show the importance of HR services to companies and employees alike. The HR generalist will disappear because companies need HR specialists.

  1. HR Services Employing Metrics, Data, And Analytics

HR services need to be prepared to use more data and research to demonstrate its importance to executive management. Metrics of attrition rates or recruiting outcomes will still be valid, but there will be an increased need for more data such as productivity monitoring, programs/initiatives that will affect, and filter/mechanism monitoring to get the best candidate out of the big pool. HR services will have to deal with more reporting, data monitoring and the ability to interpret, predict and work with data and software in the future.

  1. HR As A Remote Employee & Business Partner

The next-generation employee is seeking inspiration, innovation, and leadership in organizations – meaning that 'Work from Home' (remote work) will be the new norm. Organizations must prepare activities to make the working environment more attractive to persuade the next generation to work for them, as most of the new generation has the option to freelance. HR services need to address this task because HR problems need to be transparent in a healthy business atmosphere where workers work in and outside the office. HR services and company staff will require training in' how remote teams can be handled and empowered?'

HR services ought to recognize their specialty and competence as the human resources landscape shifts in the coming years. Building a network and learning more about entrepreneurship, business, data, analytics, and strategic leadership is essential to becoming an HR specialist.

How TRC's HR Services Can Help Your Business?

At TRC Corporate Consulting, we believe that the future of complex business models calls for a new approach from HR services— one that supports the management's and the business's objectives. Employing innovative HR services solutions adds measurable value to the organization.

When you partner with TRC Corporate Consulting, you can expect support for consistent implementation of the best HR services practices across your organization. We also offer custom-made solutions for your business's HR requirements. Be it payroll management, contract staffing, placement services, or outsourcing services – Partner with us for all your HR services needs and let us take care of the rest. Contact us today!

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