15 Nov 2021 Ankit Chadha

Financial Analysis and Planning: Know X Benefits of Leveraging FP&A Services

Financial Analysis And Planning | TRC Corporate Consulting

Financial planning is as essential for an organization as it is to generate revenue because, without proper financial analysis and planning, it is impossible for a business to survive and thrive in the market today. The current market conditions are uncertain, dynamic, and riskier than ever. Thus it would be best if you are extra cautious with every step that you take, as there can be irreversible consequences.  This is where financial analysis and planning or FP&A come into the picture; with the help of FP&A, you can be well aware of your surroundings and internal requirements and areas for improvement.

Are you wondering what financial planning and analysis is? So, to put it in simple words, financial analysis and planning is a process where the corporate functions and the financial functions come together to enable financial control and better planning within the organization.

The most crucial objective of FP&A is to preserve the organization’s liquidity capabilities. When we say an organization’s liquidity capabilities, we mean its ability to meet all the payment obligations. Some of the primary financial planning and analysis tools of the FP&A process include:

  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Budgeting
  • Financial Forecasting 
  • Financial Consolidation

FP&A process at TRC Corporate Consulting prepares detailed group reports, prompt financial statements, and complete financial control in order to implement financial analysis and planning. Besides supporting and aiding you with liquidity maintenance and profit maximization. Other essential objectives of financial planning and analysis include increasing stakeholder value. Subsequently, our FP&A experts are trained and experienced in managing the organization’s financial resources so that it leads to an increase in the profit value of the performance investments.

Basics Of Financial Analysis And Planning Process? 

The first thing that we take into account in financial analysis and planning is financial planning, and it is the fundamental function of any successful business. Our expert professionals chalk out a precise, detailed plan based on the organization’s financial goals and resources. Enabling the controller to apprehend, calculate, and create and improve all the organization’s critical financial aspects.

Our financial analysis and planning services also include evaluating any present or existing situations with a similar one that might have occurred in the past. However, after analyzing and understanding the present case, controllers compare it to the target situation that is aligned with specific financial goals, and after that, we move to the third phase of the FP&A process that is financial forecasting. 

On the basis of the extensive analysis and forecasts, FP&A experts form financial planning for the organization’s future income and expenses. Then all ideas and findings are documented and recorded.

Benefits Of Financial Analysis And Planning

So if you haven’t yet incorporated FP&A in your business, then you are certainly missing out on significant financial insights that would allow a better approach towards planning your financial activities along with corporate processes. There are many benefits to using financial analysis and planning to inform your business decisions, but here are several standouts:

  1. Fast And Smooth Business Decision Making: With the help of financial analysis and planning tools, you can narrow down your important financial decisions by having all essential data insights documented in one place instead of it being scattered across computers. Allowing your executive team to get the information they need to drive decisions more efficiently and quickly.
  2. Continuous Business Development: Using financial analysis and planning can help you model business predictions and results from investing in sales to marketing, recruiting, and other areas. These scenario models can further assist you in optimizing your growth by allowing you to track and plan every situation in order to help you understand which outcome fits your business goals in the best way. Therefore with the help of the right business tools, you can plan ahead for sustained growth.
  3. Enhanced Productivity. When your business’s financial planning processes focus on one area, it allows for higher productivity levels due to the restricted interactions required to analyze data findings.

Why Partner With TRC Corporate Consulting For FP&A process 

  • Controllers engage in a key role in the financial planning process
  • Demands less assistance and training as compared to creating in-house finance teams
  • Controllers can establish more precise forecasts
  • Uncertainty is decreased across the entire process

In order to adapt to the businesses’ dynamic finance landscape, you must consider partnering with experts who can enable innovation, agility, and development for your organization by implementing the appropriate financial analysis and planning tools. Also providing you with suggestions to sustain in the market more efficiently and resourcefully.

Approach For Financial Analysis And Planning

A streamlined approach for processing Financial Planning and Analysis related services includes the following steps:

Step 1: Developing an in-depth understanding of FP&A report intentions

Step 2: To Map team’s Financial Planning and Analysis’ reporting procedure

Step 3: Collect and regularize data

Step 4: Organize and document all data and information

Step 5: Collaborate in real-time

Step 6: Review, approvals, and sign-off of projects

Step 7: Articulate final reports 

Step 8: Leverage extensive experience to enhance the FP&A process

Step 9: Apply custom financial analysis and planning structure as per business needs

If you plan to go for our expert financial analysis and planning services, you can benefit from the broad experience and know-how that our professionals bring. Firstly we learn about your business’s unique financial landscape, including payroll, AP/AR, M & A, and basic financial activities, and only then move ahead with developing further plans or deliver suggestions including Financial Planning and Analysis tools, procedures, and techniques.

At TRC Corporate Consulting, we consider you to be more than just our clients. We provide resources to deliver an extensive range of services, including financial advisory, taxation advisory, and GRC services. Contact us for a more detailed understanding of our advisory services!

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