17 Mar 2021 Ankit Chadha

7 Trends Shaping the Future of Payroll Processing and Management in 2021

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With advancements and expertise being observed in all strata of the economy, human resources and payroll management should not be left behind. The payroll management process includes administering and maintaining employees' financial records, including their salaries, incentives, bonuses, and such. The record held should comply with the Income Tax laws; otherwise, it might result in legal consequences. Incorporating a payroll management process results in an organized structure for the management of employees.

The payroll process in HR has come a long way from traditional manual methods of maintaining data using spreadsheets and others. Payroll overhaul is the requirement and will be a part of the emerging trends. An inclusive and comprehensive human capital and payroll management process solution are vital for maintaining a well-structured financial process of the employees to get them paid on time.

With technology being omnipresent, the payroll process in HR does not fall out of the league. Despite innovative techniques being in place for the management of human resources, satisfactory results remain unachieved due to a lack of personal touch. To understand employees and their requirements, the involvement of experts and behavioral science professionals is essential.

Why Do You Need an Effective Payroll Process in HR? 

To keep all the processes in place and manage your employees better, you should avail of payroll processing services from a credible consultancy. Read below to find how:

  • Boost the Morale of Employees 

If employees feel insecure about their job or disbursal of their salary, there'll be no motivation and willingness to put in their efforts. To boost employees' morale, it is necessary to put in place a rigorous payroll processing services or system to make necessary calculations and pay them in time, along with the bonuses and incentives.

  • Lower Tax Bills 

If there's any mismanagement in your employee's records, you might have to hefty fines. TDS and taxes need to be deducted on time, and if the records are mismanaged, the deduction might get delayed resulting in a penalty. Hiring one of the best payroll processing companies will help you perform the important functions within time.

  • Helpful for Startup Owners 

As a startup owner, it is difficult to manage all tasks on your own or with your employees' help. It becomes crucial to leverage services from one of the payroll processing companies for expert advice and work in an organized way.

  • Better Control Over Finances 

To better control your finances and keep your employees satisfied, it is good to have well-maintained records and organized finances to avoid confusion and issues. Consulting companies have experts who provide you with excellent payroll processing services combined with the practical experience they have gained over time.

Emerging Trends Shaping the Future Payroll Processing and Management 

  1. Weekly or Monthly Payroll: Not the Only Way 

In the coming times, weekly or monthly disbursal will not be the only way of paying out to employees. Flexible payment options will be the new trend, where employees can choose a particular date for every month or a one-time payment option.

  1. Financial Wellness Will Be a Part of The Package 

It is impossible to feed an employee's arising need of increased pay with a hike every time. This is where the need for financial wellness plan arises for the employees. It usually deals with working out a plan for the employees to spend in a planned way and drive employee satisfaction. Incorporating an efficient payroll process in HR has gained importance over time.

  1. Payroll Will Be Audit-Ready Always 

Usually, organizations work on payroll audits at the quarter-end or year-end, which gets complicated and increases the workload. In contrast, if you leverage the payroll processing services to a consulting company, you can save the year-end rush and extra efforts. Also, this will save time, resources and narrow down the scope for mistakes.

  1. A One-Stop Guide for All Query Resolutions 

As per the current scenario, an employee needs to rush to different departments for different queries. Like, they need to run to the finance or human resource department for respective queries. Employers are working to build a one-stop solution for all the possible inquiries an employee might have related to the payroll management process and their related payment.

  1. Use of Data Science with Human intuition 

Technology has automated many processes and replaced the role of a human in various sectors. But, for talent assessment, human intuition is still imperative. The use of data science with human involvement will be the new trend. This will answer questions like:

  • Which strategy will work the best for keeping up with the performance?
  • Where should the talent pool be located?
  • With the same level of resources, which department can perform better?
  1. Adapting to Gig Economy 

Hiring gig workers or freelancers are already trending to avail services of the experts. The arising question is, how to manage their payroll? Should they get benefits like permanent employees?

Payroll processing companies are coming up with solutions and methods to fit in the gig workers' payroll processing and help them in availing benefits appropriately.

  1. Input Data Cleansing 

Data of the employees usually includes grades, day-offs, performance, etc. This is considered to be input data, which comes from multiple sources in an unintegrated form. An organization might find it challenging to structure and integrate the data properly.

Therefore, payroll processing companies will take over the complete ownership and responsibility of the payroll management process. This will help in producing accurate output.

Why Outsource Payroll Processing Services To TRC Corporate Consulting? 

Innovative and payroll processing services are being adopted to bring a positive transformation in employees' payroll management. With new skills and talents entering the market, employers should reconsider their responsibilities towards their employees and employee's earnings.

At TRC Corporate Consulting, we have a talent base bearing experts and trained consultants in human resources and payroll process in HR. Apart from evaluating and calculating the employees' financial aspects, our experts provide recommendations useful for maintaining a satisfied and content workforce.

With the practical experience that our experts have gained over the years, they are well aware of human behavior, their needs and wants, etc. Their recommendations are inclusive of all essential bases which should be considered. This puts us on the list of the best payroll processing companies. Got any queries? Contact us now!  

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