06 May 2020 Ankit Chadha

5 Benefits of Company Secretarial Services

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Due to the enactment of new Corporate Law, i.e. Companies Act, 2013 and continuous changes therein as well as the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, company secretarial services have gained a new standpoint in the corporate world. It doesn't just involve filing and correspondence, but also statutory and legal compliance issues that establish the foundation of any company.

Every organizations' compliance necessities require a supporting structure, regardless of the entity's nature. Company secretarial services professionals have adept expertise in handling all types of entities, including the Companies (includes Private, Public, Listed, Foreign Companies), Limited Liability Partnerships.


Responsibilities Attached to Company Secretarial Services

The Companies Act, 2013, has made the role of a company secretary to be critical. The duties of a company secretary play an essential role in the functioning of a company. The company law places specific statutory responsibilities and duties on all companies and, whether or not a corporation has officially named a company secretary, these statutory responsibilities sand duties still must be fulfilled. They can either be assigned to an internal manager of the organization or an external company secretarial services provider such as TRC, but the primary responsibility remains with the directors.


When you avail our company secretarial services, our experts facilitate many roles and responsibilities to part take in, some of them are:

  1. Manage Compliance Filing

Company secretarial services necessitate time to ascertain that the company stays compliant with legislations outlined in the Companies Act, 2013 thoroughly and at all times.

Company secretarial services also has the responsibility to file various returns of the company. It includes the filing of annual return, annual financial statement, and other event-based compliances.

  1. Maintaining the Company's Statutory Registers

Company secretarial services necessitate companies to maintain several statutory records including the minutes book, share certificate, ROC documents and various register(s)

  • Register of Directors and KMP
  • Register of Charges
  • Register of Allotments
  • Register of Transfers
  • Register of Members
  • Register of Related Party Transaction(s)
  • Register of Debenture Holders
  • Register of Investment


  1. Establishing Corporate Governance

Expertly delivered company secretarial services ensure that the director's decisions (including regulatory and internal) and communication with shareholders are run based on the best practices in accordance with the provision of the Corporate Laws.  

Company Secretaries advise the board of directors about corporate governance and duties. This includes managing the interests of the shareholders, matters of conflict in the interest, investor regulations, and managing with applicable regulations.


The Benefits of Our Company Secretarial Services

An entity with the help of our company secretarial services can focus on its daily operations and improve the efficiency of the organization. Our company secretarial services experts, play the roles of an advisor, lowering the related costs and also provide guidance to help the organization navigate through compliance and legal issues. Our company secretarial services experts are well versed in business legalities and have sound knowledge in terms of improving the efficacy of the entity.

If you are still not convinced to engage with our company secretarial services, consider these benefits and weigh your options accordingly.

  1. Assurance:

Our company secretarial services professionals perform the tasks of filing all legalities and compliance issues, like the internal workings of the company.  They provide the assurance that every problem will get recorded and arranged perfectly, enabling the company to run smoothly. The same applies in case of a company's transition into a different area of expertise, such as a public limited company or a private limited company.

  1. Advisory role:

One of the many functions of our company secretarial services is to act as an advisor for matters of compliance and also improve the internal and external workings of the company. Similarly, our expert company secretaries also advise on matters of appointing individuals for higher posts, augmenting the growth of the company.

  1. Tasks completion:

With our company secretarial services in place, a company gets the assurance of timely completion of statutory filings, as any default in the filings can have severe consequences like additional fee, penalty, prosecution. Our expert company secretaries free the company from any such problems and take care of all compliance and legal issues.

  1. Cost-Efficient

Hiring our company secretarial services offer you the ability to take advantage of highly qualified professional's expertise and experience without having to recruit and train an in-house company secretary. When you recruit an in-house company secretary, you are obliged to provide them with staff benefits and spend time on training sessions. But with our company secretarial services, you save a substantial amount of monetary and non-monetary resources that can be used for other business purposes.

  1. Gain Knowledge

Our company secretarial services professional continuously coordinates with different teams to keep notes of activities, including rules, and the timing of meetings. Your organization gets familiar working with professionals and learn how things are done. Our company secretarial services also provide you with timely expert insights and suggestions. This exchange of thoughts, ideas ingrains productive learning and enables aligned strategies for competitive markets.

Availing our company secretarial services also brings a fresh perspective, which is most helpful in mitigating redundancies of errors. It also brings you the added benefit of regular updates with respect to continuous changes through amendments related to finance and company law.


Find the Right Company Secretarial Services

At TRC Corporate Consulting, our company secretarial services offer a comprehensive suite of services that include company secretarial services and also payroll and accounting services, amongst others. When you partner with us, you can depend on us and count on our company secretarial services to help you with expert insights and unbiased feedback on business operation improvement techniques. We, as a company, like to go the extra mile by offering personalized services to ensure that your unique requirements are met with tailor-made solutions.

Make sure you find the right company secretarial services in India that can be an ideal fit for your company. Select one that proposes reasonable fees for company secretarial services and also delivers on its potential to provide quick and efficient solutions. For more information or understanding, contact us!

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